Easter Dinner

My sister has settled down. In that sense I mean “put down roots” not settled for anything less than she deserves. Greg is da bomb. The two had us over for Easter dinner on Saturday at their beautiful house. He was dressed to the nine and Julie had on her best leggings. 


All in all I was very impressed. They cleaned and decorated so well. Greg even got bunny wine stoppers which were oh so adorable.  


Dinner started with appetizers of cheese, olives, vegetables and dip, and shrimp and cocktail sauce. Veggies and dip for me!  

I enjoyed a glass of Bread and Butter Chardonnay with the appetizers before sticking to seltzer for a bit since I was on call.  

Greg did an amazing job with dinner. We had ham glazed with maple syrup harvested from his trees, green beans with almonds, carrots cooked in maple syrup, and delectable mashed potatoes. I’m not normally a mashed potatoes fan but oh.em.gee.  


After dinner we went on a walk to explore their yard. Greg and Julie won about 2 ½ acres and the dogs LOVE it. They run and run and run. Sadly this means it’s tick central. But seeing them happy and easily escaping to the trails is 100% worth it.  


After dinner was pie time! Or dessert time since there were no pies. I made carrot cake from scratch (thank you Gimme Some Oven for the recipe) and mom made a chocolate mousse pie. Both were superb. I pawned off the leftovers because I’ve been a bit indulgent lately and I leave for Africa in a few days! Ahh surreal. I could have eaten carrot cake for breakfast...it has cream cheese after all.


I left feeling overly stuffed full of food, wine, and gratitude. My sister is so happy and that makes me beyond happy. My parents are retired, happy and healthy. I am finding my way and have a job that I love.