Thoughts on an Airplane

Our first flight left Logan at 6:30pm so naturally I got to the airport at 3:30pm. I was going a bit crazy with anticipation and anxiety at the apartment and I wanted to see my dad before getting on the plane. I ended up having a lot more time with him while my mom was stuck in traffic, which was nice but also upped the anxiety a bit. Luckily we made it to our terminal just when boarding was starting.


Being on a plane for 16 hours got me thinking....

Where does the toilet water go? It honestly sounds like outside...

Who caters the meals? Does a dietitian work there?

Have planes gotten smaller or me just bigger?

What is the actual percentage of people who get blood clots from flying? Don’t worry I wore my compression socks.

My mom and I enjoyed our flights as best we could. I was starving before boarding the first flight and needed food FAST. But drinks came first and so the white wine went straight to my head. Don’t worry, I didn’t see any colonial women on the wings of the plane. I enjoyed my wine, dinner, Bad Moms and a nap. Before I knew it we were in Amsterdam! 


The second flight was a bit roomier and much longer. Unfortunately there were also fewer drink offerings, but you could walk to the back and get drinks. Gave me a reason to get up and walk. I watched Green Book and seriously loved it. I also read some of the two books I’m reading, Girl Wash your Face and It Ends with Us.

All in all I’m very proud of how I handled my flight anxiety! And I love a time to read and watch movies. I have no idea what day it is but mom and I are ready to partayyyy!! Good night all! Stay tuned.