South Africa: Day 4

Let’s just say Cape Town is a wee bit louder than the lodge at night. I woke up on day 4 a little more tired than the previous nights, but luckily mom slept well (she’s on the border of a cold). We were starving since we didn’t eat dinner the night before so we got ready quickly. Down the street there’s a cafe recommended by a blogger that I follow, but more to come on food later!

We walked to the waterfront to explore since we were killing time for the fog to burn off. I was in search of a market I was told about by the couple on our safari and finally found that and the food market! I bought myself a cute little grating plate for garlic, cheese, chocolate, you name it! I forgot to barter because I felt it was worth the price they were selling it for. And I’m awkward.  


We took our first Uber from someplace other than the airport and it went surprisingly well since free WiFi is easy to come by! Off to Table Mountain we went.  

Table Mountain is a World Heritage site. The flat top is unique and the mountain hosts many botanicals and animals. Mom and I were anxious about the many people being stupid to take pictures especially when it was so windy! Mom read that there have been more deaths on Table Mountain than Everest!


The mountain will occasionally have what appears to be a “table cloth” because of the condensation made when cool air meets warmer air. Luckily we didn’t see that today so we could see all around us but the fog in Camps Bay stuck around for a bit.  


After Table Mountain we trekked to Camps Bay just to check it out. The original plan was to explore and then go to Chinchillas Rooftop bar for the sunset. Unfortunately the fog was dense so instead we walked around on the beach a bit before heading back to the waterfront. I was also not a fan of being heckled to buy things from people.  


We ubered back to the waterfront to get some food. We decided on a very early dinner since we were fading fast. We ended up at a German restaurant suggested to me where we each had a flight of German beer.  


For our entrees we shared the Belgian special, coq au vin, and the South African special, chicken curry. Both were superb. For dessert we split a decadent chocolate tart. Dinner and drinks was only $25 each! Crazy. 

To cap off the night we went on the Cape Wheel, similar to the London Eye for some more views.  


We were tired after walking all day so we walked home, got some groceries for breakfast and changed into our pajamas. Now I’m happily drinking a glass of wine and resting watching the sunset from our top floor apartment. I keep reminding myself that as much as vacation is about exploring it’s also about resting and recuperating. I adore our apartment and the fact that we can rest someplace other than a bed. It’s adding a sense of tranquility to our time here.