Lately I’ve been thinking about what traits I value in people. I’ve always been attracted to smart people; people who know things and find certain topics truly fascinating. I once dated a guy who chose his career based on what would keep him in school the longest. I’m also attracted to people who know what they want and go after it. Maybe that means they do things alone or just don’t care what people think. It’s a feat in and of itself to know what you truly want in life apart from your career. 

It got me thinking about myself. I consider myself smart and enjoy learning. But do I truly know what my passions are? And do I pursue those passions? My sister works in HR and has a passion for running so she started a side business and basically runs (and crushes) marathon after marathon.  I also dated a guy who values the outdoors and takes solo backpacking trips capturing gorgeous landscapes along the way. He also loved to read. I know other people who volunteer frequently. Others who are into arts and crafts. Or movies. You name it.

So what is my passion? I’ve been struggling with this for a while thinking that it had to be something that wasn’t work related. Something non-nutrition focused. And that’s when I realized it; nutrition is my passion.  


Yes my job is nutrition focused. My day to day involves visiting my patients, educating on therapeutic diets (like carbohydrate control to help manage diabetes), educating on how to eat to promote wound healing, analyzing labs, adjusting tube feedings, collaborating with the medical team, etc. It’s all in a day’s work. And yet when I get home I still want to do nutrition-related things! I want to meal plan to set myself up for a healthy week. I want to cook for friends and family (I love hosting). I want to blog about health and nutrition. I want to bake. It may seem like I’m just cooking or just doing things that everyone has to do to live (we all need food after all), but I also enjoy it. 


So maybe I’ve been looking for something that I already found. And maybe I’m actually extremely lucky that my passion is also a part of my job.