South Africa: Day 6

Needless to say I woke up a wee bit hungover. Definitely did not need the double gin and tonic. I also walked into the kitchen and saw the 6 bottles of wine that I’ve purchased since being here...oh boy. 

Today was our Luhambo tour of the Cape Peninsula. Marlene picked us up at 7:45 and off we went with one other couple, Sophie and David from the UK. The fog was wicked dense today so we couldn’t see too much on the drive and it made this girl super car sick. Luckily we got above the fog and could see the mountains but nothing below.  Along this famous road there were SO MANY bikers and joggers, granted it’s a national holiday, but still!


Our first stop was the penguins! These are African penguins also known as jack asses because they make a similar noise as donkeys. Unfortunately, these are another animal nearing extinction because of fishing. With less fish for prey the penguins have to go out farther putting them at risk of being prey themselves. What I love most about penguins is that they’re monogamous. How cute.  


Next we drove to The Cape of Good Hope, formerly called The Cape of Bad Storms because of the currents. The is the South Western most point of Africa.  It’s not where the Indian and Atlantic meet, but it’s where two strong currents meet. It was an absolute gorgeous day. After hiking up to the lighthouse we enjoyed a delicious, yet slightly expensive, seafood lunch. Guess who’s new favorite food is mussels?!?


The afternoon focused on the wineries of Constantia. We drove along the coast and this time were able to see the water. We took pictures by the shark spotter and noted all of the surfers...who unfortunately also looked like sharks. 


The first vineyard was Steenberg. We learned more about MCC, the South African comparison to champagne and tasted a few more white wines. This region is better known for its whites because of the coastal breeze. We tried a lovely oaked white wine called Semillon, which is a cross between the more acidic Sauvignon Blanc and the oaky yet buttery Chardonnay. It was my favorite of the bunch, that and the Shiraz. Syrah and Shiraz are one in the same, but old world wine regions call it Syrah and new world wine regions call it Shiraz. New world Shiraz also tends to have more pepper flavor. 


Our second winery was Klein Constantia. I enjoyed both of their Sauvignon Blancs. The first was more fruit forward and smooth whereas the second was more complex given that it has more minerals from the soil. Mom preferred the first and I preferred the second so I bought both. Let’s just say I’m building my wine collection. 

After the end of the tour Marlene dropped us off at the waterfront so we could walk to dinner. Since it was a gorgeous day we simply wanted to be outside and enjoy more seafood. We ended up at Quay Four on the top deck. Mom went with a Chenin Blanc and I went with a wooded Chardonnay. Dinner was more seafood, but more to come on that later!  


Mom and I still cannot believe we are in Africa and just how nice everyone has been!  I love the weather and the mountains and mom loves that what you see is what you get. Our restaurant was right in the bay with the tourist attractions and the actual working shipyard. It’s a gorgeous contrast. Tomorrow we probably will have rain, but lots of eating and walking and tourism!