South Africa Food

I saved the best for last: the food. One of my tour guides was confused about the term foodie saying we all eat food so aren’t we all foodies? No. Some people eat just to eat. Others, the foodies, eat for the flavors, the culture, the experience. It’s so much more than food! 

Another time a tourist asked for my opinion on if veganism is healthy. Talk about a loaded question. I explained that in order for any way of eating to be healthy it should take into account your lifestyle, foods you enjoy, and reality among other things. Oftentimes veganism is extraordinarily strict and not sustainable. It all depends on your rationale for eating a certain way.  

Anyways, I eat everything except for cottage cheese and random things like pickled fish (how does that sound good to anyone?).

On to the food! 

At the Garden Route Game Lodge I enjoyed eggs with sautéed vegetables most mornings and usually paired that with yogurt and dried fruit or toast with fig jam.   


We rarely ate lunch but sometimes had a snack of nuts or had an extra cheese plate with dinner. Dinners involved trying various game such as ostrich, Elan, venison, and kudu. My favorites were the elan and kudu. Ostrich surprisingly is a red meat and, unfortunately, my steak was still pretty raw so I only tried one bite.  Excuse the poor quality photos since the lodge was dark. 


Once in Cape Town, or even near Cape Town, the diversity of food choices multiplied.  

Ploughman’s platter at Vrede en Lust Wine Estate. Mom and I needed something to soak up the alcohol.


Late lunch/early dinner at Den Anker consisting of a beer flight, chicken curry, and coq au vin. We went with the Belgian special and the South African special. Finished off with a decadent chocolate tart. 


A braai at a winery in Stellenbosch consisting of a roasted sandwich, chicken, beef sausage (cannot pronounce), potato salad, and salad. 


Dinner at Kloof Street House. Mom and I each got a burger and chips, although I ate most of mom’s chips after a day of drinking.  The place was very fun and interesting, but we were absolutely exhausted by that point.


Lunch at Two Oceans consisting of the most amazing mussels of my life and the pan fried line fish, which also blew my mind.  Mom had the vegan arancini and the tempura prawns.


Dinner at Quay Four at the waterfront, which was a seafood platter for two...or four...with chips and a bread starter. Living the seafood life.  


The next day was our food tour, you can catch the recap on day 7! It was delicious and we got hungry again around 8pm so I introduced mom to Uber Eats and we got the bunny chow and the Gatsby sandwich to try. Not my favorites but glad to have tried. 


Our last day we stopped at a bakery down the street that I had heard of, Jason’s Bakery. I went with scrambled eggs, sausage, avocado and a croissant. Mom and I finally got a coffee we liked, a flat white. It’s basically a cappuccino with less foam.


Lunch was at Cape Town Fish Market and mom and I split a seafood platter again. The mussels were better than the previous platter and the hake was delicious. Basically I love seafood platters. Sipped some wine...or a lot of wine while talking to mom about life.


After lunch we shared some pastries from the food market! Yum!


Dinner was eaten at the airport so it wasn’t the best but you win some, you lose some. Avocado, olive, and biltong pizza and a chicken salad pesto sandwich to share.


This girl is ready to get back to cooking and have a break from airplane food.