Aligning Goals

This weekend was a literal whirlwind, I feel like I blinked and it was over.

Friday night one drink turned into a lot of drinks. And then tater tots and cold mac and cheese for dinner. Saturday I missed my spin class, ended up at the Red Sox game, drank too much wine and ate all the garlic bread, cheese and cured meats with my friends.



My more recent goal since returning from South Africa is to spend more time with others. Whether that be friends or just out in the presence of others. I enjoy being with people. However, being social does not always align with health goals, though, and I also have those. I want to feel better in my own skin and feed my body in the way that I advise others.

When I was a freshman in college I was at my fittest. But I also declined most invites to go to dinner or to house parties, essentially ignoring my friends and isolating myself. Instead I stayed in my dorm and was lonely and sad, but I was fit and thought that then I would be happy. News flash, I wasn’t.

Fast forward to two years living in the city. It’s been hard to meet people, but I have made some genuine friendships which I value more than anything. Most get-togethers involve either food or alcohol. And money. It can be hard on the waistline and the wallet, but being out of my apartment with others is what I need and want. Being with friends matters more to me than calories or money.


Sure I still woke up anxious Sunday morning. Why? Because drinking alcohol makes me anxious. Because I want people to like me. Because I want to fit in and feel like I’ve found my place. And sometimes I fear that I am getting too caught up in the moment and drinking or eating “too much.” But isn’t getting caught up in the moment what’s supposed to happen when you’re with friends? Especially genuine ones whom you value more than words can describe.

The purpose of this post is to show you that your health goals need to be flexible to fit alongside your other goals. And what is life without friends. As long as you aren’t using food or alcohol as a constant coping mechanism or feel like you always need a drink. If you want a drink and the food is delicious then enjoy the moment with your friends. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables during the week and save the vino for social situations rather than a nightly thing. It is possible to aim for a healthier lifestyle while also being social, I never want to be uptight and lonely Megan again. Cheers to that.