Creating a Health Change That Works for You

How many times have you started a diet that fails when the weekend arrives or you have a party to go to? How many people do you know who sign up for new gyms or workout programs that end up sucking their money out of their pockets? With all of the meal plans and workout plans out there, how do you find one that works for you?

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to food and exercise, which is what people don’t seem to get and it took me a while to understand too. Just because your sister runs  on a daily basis doesn’t mean that will work for you. Just because Betty goes to spin and yoga doesn’t mean that’s in the budget for you. Just because Ryan lifts weights at the gym most morning doesn’t mean that’s what you’ll enjoy.

Think to yourself. What do I enjoy as a source of movement? Which type of environment do I thrive in? 

I enjoy variety. I value accessibility on the weekdays. I can get down with blasting music and dark lights but also enjoy nature. Hence why BeachBody works for me. There are SO many workouts to choose from. I can follow a plan, adapt a plan to my own schedule, or take it day by day. It’s super easy for me to do before work or after work with whatever time or equipment I have. I can even do these workouts on vacation! It’s also super affordable so I can go to Turnstyle classes when I want to zone out to some blasting music or I can skip a day to go on a hike or a run and not feel guilty for wasting money. Nothing has fit my style better!  My sister and dad on the other hand are runners through and through.


The same goes for diets, there’s simply no one size fits all. Think about your health needs, lifestyle and food preferences. Are you good at listening to your body or planning meals and snacks? When do you find yourself feeling satisfied? Which foods do your family like? Are you often eating on the run? 

For me, I eat breakfast and lunch at work. I bring oatmeal in various forms and get a salad typically. Dinner is the only meal I have to cook and, therefore, I can’t meal prep like other people. If I make lasagna, for example, I’ll be eating lasagna every night for a week which gets boring and is not satisfying. I also enjoy going out to eat so that has to fit in as well while preventing unnecessary food waste. I’ve tried following a few loose plans to make sure I get enough fruits, vegetables and protein each day but these plans aren’t made for flexitarians. I often eat nuts or nut butter as my protein source. I don’t eat tons of meat or eggs like the average human. I’m currently working on meal prepping a few separate items and mixing and matching throughout the week. We will see how it goes!


My point today is to adapt plans to your needs. After all it’s your health. Just because a diet or workout program is out there and it worked for Jane doesn’t mean it’s meant for you. Our bodies are unique, our interests are unique, and our lives are unique. Our health regimens should be unique too.