I went to a conference on Thursday focused on patient experience. We started the day teary-eyed hearing sad stories to provide insight into the benefits of palliative care and open conversations with patients. We ended the day laughing until our sides hurt with Loretta Laroche. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more funny human being. She also taught me quite a bit, the main lesson being that simply smiling and laughing can trick your brain into being happier. So here I am vowing to smile more, fake it ‘til you make it style.

I’ve been truly happy lately. I attribute it to a fantastic vacation with my mom. Not only the relaxation of vacation or the thrill and excitement of exploring a new place and doing things you thought were just dreams but also my mom’s advice and company. She gave me a new perspective about life when I thought I was stuck.


I have a lot to be smiling about this week.

I’m reading an inspiring book. Each chapter teaches me a new lesson. I’ve been inspired to commit more hours of my week towards my goals and to take the time to do my hair each day. As Rachel Hollis says, if not now, when?


I committed to 6 days of exercise this week. I was able to do this by creating my own workout plan of a combination of 80 Day Obsession and running. One run was with some of the speech language pathologists at work and left me feeling all kinds of happy.


I watched The Village with my roommate. It doesn’t sound like much but it was.

Shopping with Molly. It’s so much more fun shopping with another person. Basically doing anything with another person. This day not only was the company great, but I also got some great purchases all on sale!


Dinner with my girls. We were supposed to meet at Earl’s but it was too busy so we hopped over to The Smoke Shop for BBQ and beers. Luckily they had pitchers of Fiddlehead for these Vermonters at heart.


A sunny day running errands on Saturday. I may have been on call but I still made it out for a short 2.8 mile run in my new sneakers, bought myself a cold brew coffee, and rode my bike to get food at Trader Joe’s.


Dinner + drinks + gelato with a friend on a Saturday. Nothing I love more than cooking for and with others.