South Africa: Day 8

I woke up with a woozy stomach. Maybe it was the nerves but it was probably splitting a bottle of red wine, puppy chow and the Gatsby before bed. All in good fun.  

I woke up ready for action and packed my bag. I was so proud of myself for getting everything to fit in my bag with the four bottles of wine. My mom has the other three.  

We started off the morning going to a bakery that I read about via the Blonde Abroad blog. She mentioned that Jason’s Bakery has amazing pastries so mom and I enjoyed our scrambled eggs with a croissant and it did not disappoint. 

The rest of the afternoon we spent shopping for souvenirs. I started off strong by purchasing an elephant ceramic ornament and a ceramic business car holder with the National flower. Then I bought myself some earrings...and then a bracelet...and then a ring...and then a necklace. Granted I was looking to buy something for my sister. Don’t worry, I bought her some gifts as well.  


Mom and I went to Cape Town Fish Market for some lunch. I got Pinotage rose and mom got a white wine blend which we enjoyed with a seafood platter. Two more glasses of wine later and mom cut me off. She also was talking me through my life woes of not being enough when it comes to dating and feeling subpar compared to Julie. Mom talks cure rose. 


We went back to the food market and shared some pastries. Not even sure what we ate but it was delicious and then a pigeon missed me by an inch with his poop. All in a day’s time.  

Mom and I went to buy a journal in the mall since I need to work through my quarter life crisis (it’s a thing and I talked to my friend on the wine tour about it). But then we found ourselves chatting with the manager of the liquor store at the food market. He won our hearts with his story and his good nature so we bought some gin for the plane for for future enjoyment. Time for Megan to build a beautiful bar in the apartment.  

Fast forward to when I’m writing this and I’m at the airport. I just had to buy another piece of luggage because that was cheaper than paying the price for a bag 20 POUNDS HEAVIER than when a week ago. I also got a good pat down going through security. Next up, customs. Time to drink gin and tonic with mom and enjoy my last few hours with her.  


I cant say enough how grateful I am to be able to travel with my mom. Everyone commented on how lucky we are and we know it. My mom asked if I didn’t do anything I would have done with Julie and I said nothing. I’m not a later girl, I enjoy being out all day and relaxing at night. I enjoy going on tours and learning. I enjoy drinking and eating and sleeping. I love being with my mom and having all of her to myself. She gives me advice or tells me everything is going to be okay. She’s a legend, as some would say.