Wanting to Exercise

There’s a difference between wanting to exercise and needing to exercise. Just like there’s a difference between wanting to eat healthy and needing to eat healthy. 

For example, most days I want to eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein, etc. You know the spiel by now. But when someone asks if I want to get pizza or ice cream I’m always down. Because I don’t need to only eat healthy, it’s my normal but not my every day.

Exercise is similar. Most days I find enjoyment in moving my body, whether that be a BeachBody workout or a run or a Turnstyle class as of late. But when I’m exhausted mentally and/or physically and the thought of exercise sounds like punishment rather than enjoyment I know I don’t need to break a sweat. I plan a week’s worth of workouts each Sunday, knowing full well that life happens and some weeks I’m going to need a few more rest days.  

Listen to your body. Would taking a rest day help you perform better at work and at the gym the next few days? Put on ya sweats. Do you think you’ll feel better once you work out? Then work out. Will you have fun if you go out for pizza with your friends? Then go grab a slice (or two). If you want some vegetables then order a veggie slice. Do you feel like you need vegetables in your life and don’t really want pizza? Then go and eat after or eat before or simply make plans to see your friends at another time.

I was supposed to workout today based on my rough week plan. But a 5 mile run last night + poor night’s sleep the other night + working the weekend = one exhausted Megan. The sweats are on, chicken is in the Instant Pot and Game of Thrones is on the TV. My body thanks me for this rest.