Staying Healthy on Vacation

Everyone loves to enjoy themselves on vacation. Meals out. Alcohol. No commitments. You name it.

Mom kept saying she felt like we never went overboard, which we didn’t, but we certainly enjoyed ourselves. It helped that I had a few goals for us going into the trip.

  1. Walk, walk, and walk some more. Whenever we had the time and ability I made us a goal to hit 10,000 steps. I know we did on Saturday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday. That’s pretty good!

  2. Listen to our hunger and prioritize activities and not the food. At times I got jealous because some tourists we met were CRUSHING the food scene, but mom and I spent our time focusing on the activities and the tours. When we did get hungry, we ate. And most days that meant breakfast and a bigger dinner. Overall, I’m so happy with how we spent our vacation.

  3. Exercise when you want to and keep it simple. I did two BeachBody workouts throughout the 8 days. That may not seem like a lot, but on top of all the walking we did it felt perfect to me. One was done after swimming when I felt less than stellar about my body image (I acknowledge this is not a good reason to exercise) and once at our Airbnb the morning before our wine tour. I felt like I wanted to move my body on days when we wouldn’t be walking as much.

  4. Keep one meal each day simple. Since we were in Africa and my travel doc warned against raw fruit and vegetables, I wasn’t eating like I normally would. Also South Africa is very meat-oriented, which doesn’t align with my normal. Therefore, Mom and I kept breakfast simple, primarily to save money but also to keep some normalcy to our diets and avoid GI distress. I made peanut butter and jelly oatmeal most days and thoroughly enjoyed cooking for my mom. At the lodge I had a veggie omelet without cheese and a side of toast or yogurt for breakfast.

  5. Savor the alcohol. Sip and spit as Mom would say. Just kidding, we Morris’ don’t waste wine. But savor it and don’t drink just to get drunk. Although I definitely enjoyed quite a few cocktails/drinks at times, especially on our last day when I was anxious about flying.

  6. Save dessert for when you really want it or for things you really want. Mom and I had dessert only a few days. Chocolate tart at Den Anker, a German restaurant. Easter candy when I was on the plane. Ice cream with Amarula on the food tour. And finally a variety of sweets on our last day. Okay so half of the days…but we definitely didn’t overdo it.


Sure I feel off from my usual and that’s expected after any vacation. Probably a little bloat from the higher sodium levels of foods prepared outside the home. Maybe a little bit of bloat from irregular bowel movements (TMI?). But also maybe a little bit from eating more than normal. This may be how I feel after a vacation, but I would not change it for the world. Vacations are meant for relaxation, exploration, and spending time with the ones you love. They should not be feared or cause anxiety because of the food or alcohol involved. Live your life! And eat the good food. Roll with the bloat and you’ll be back to your “normal” before you know it.