This Trip

My last vacation was special because it was the twincation of a lifetime and it was my first time back to Europe since studying abroad. This trip was special in its own ways.

It opened up so many doors for me. Since studying abroad I’ve had pretty severe anxiety about flying. To the point where I was prescribed Ativan. But I’ve now officially flown to the the most southern country of Africa! In the air it took about 18 hours each way. At this point I feel like no location is off limits! Next up, New Zealand for all I know. Granted the free alcohol helps FOR SURE. And my mom.


Speaking of my mom, I got to spend quality time with her. Growing up a twin you rarely get one on one time with your parents. I got my mom all to myself for a week. Sure we had a few tiffs, mainly mom getting nervous with my driving and me getting anxious about being in charge of all transportation. But we also spent our evenings relaxing in our Airbnb and most meals talking and getting honest and deep. And we enjoyed wine tasting so much so that one of our co-travelers, David, called my mom a legend. And let me tell you, she is. She’s a legend. She asked me if I felt held back traveling with her. Not at ALL. She was mostly asking in terms of night life, but this girl can’t hang. I went to bed most nights before my mom.


I learned so freaking much! We did so many tours and every time I felt like a sponge. I couldn’t get enough. From learning about the animals to how to taste wine to the history of the people of Cape Town. Even coffee roasting was fascinating! It’s all science and I love science.


The people of Cape Town. So nice! I can’t say it enough. Every waitress or waiter or bartender. Every artist or salesman or woman. Every Uber driver. Every.Single.Person. No lie.

And finally, the views! You know how I feel about mountains. And in Africa when you’re in the valleys or prairies you can see the mountains that are miles (or kilometers) away! Then there is Table Mountain which seems tall only because it’s right next to the sea and Cape Town which is sea level. In actuality it’s only 1,087 meters tall.


I could go on all day about this trip and the beauty and wonder that is South Africa.