Back in Vermont

I love Vermont. The fresh air. The green. The mountains. The people. The beer. The food. Did I say the people?! 

I grew up in Vermont. I found out who I am as an individual and what I want to do with my life. And I found friends who supported that version of me. For that reason I will always love Vermont.

I arrived Friday evening in my heinous rental car, it’s seriously so ugly but it got me from point A to point B. Luckily driving on the right hand side of the road came back relatively easily.  


After unpacking (it helps me unwind and feel at ease), I explored a bit while looking for dinner. I stumbled upon The Foundry Pub and Grille. I sat at the bar and updated some people on my travels via text while sipping on a Fiddlehead IPA. One of my favorites. For dinner I didn’t really want vegetables since I had a large salad for lunch so I went with the tagliatelle pasta with Vermont sausage, peas, and ricotta. It was very ricotta-y. I ate about half before filling up because it was so dense.  


After dinner I joined the wedding party for some drinks. I still couldn’t believe they were getting married! Not because they aren’t perfect together (because they are) but because it’s my first college friend getting married! And by the time you read this it has officially happened!


Around 8pm we headed back to where the wedding party is staying for a gathering of sorts. It was basically a reunion for me. All my friends in one place with the best beer EVER made for one pretty happy girl. The only thing missing was Maia because she and her bridal party were staying at a different location.  

I spent the night catching up with friends and playing with Nolan’s puppy who is 4 months old and the cutest thing ever. I love puppies at that age. He was literally the life of the party.


Unfortunately, I got iced for the first time ever thanks to Joey. Sorry Maia, I definitely touched his butt on his last night as a single man...and found the Smirnoff in his back pocket. Let’s just say Smirnoff ices are the most terrible tasting alcohol ever. For dietitians out there it tasted like tang and I immediately thought of Juven, but had no one who would understand my joke! laughed to myself...

Quick caveat for my Vermont beer fans out there. If you’re going to Brewfest make sure to stop by Foam on the waterfront after because it’s honestly the best beer around. I tried convincing them to ship to Massachusetts Friday night to no avail...yet. I usually go for their IPAs or DIPAs but that night I tried a blueberry sour and it was life changing. Seriously so good.

A bunch of Fiddleheads, a Smirnoff ice, and a sour beer later and this girl needed to put herself to bed. So I jogged back to the hotel (picture Phoebe on friends running), ate my leftover pasta, and put myself to bed in my king size bed. Feeling so grateful.  I mean look at that view.