Let it be fun

This weekend was a blast. I got to do so many of my favorite things! Unfortunately I also experienced some guilt/anxiety over the money spent, the alcohol drank, and the calorically dense foods eaten. Then my roommate gave me the best surprise advice without my even asking. 

She said, “It’s so great to see you having fun and getting out of your routine. I see you working out and cooking meals most days of the week and you deserve some fun too.” And you’re so right, Erin.

Thursday night my friend Christine came over for wine and dinner. Basically what we always do. We split a bottle of cab and I made fried rice! One of my favorite and easiest dishes!! We ended the meal with a rooftop photosesh and never stopped talking the whole time.


Friday was what I’ve been calling Country Fest but it was actually a Luke Bryan concert. We party bussed like a boss and enjoyed every second of it. My drink of choice this year was a kombucha cider mix! Light and refreshing for sure!! Although I also loved the new ciders that Connor and Amy contributed (I stole). The pear flavor was to die for. 


Naturally I drank a lot, ate all the buffalo chicken dip, missed the opening sets, ripped my pants, fell, and have so many questionable bruises. But I also sang my heart out with my friends and made new friends! And that’s a great night.


Saturday morning after some pedialyte and a ton of water I met up with Sarah for a bike ride. This was a perfect summer day. We rode along the Charles towards Harvard Square while we talked about our dating lives, work, and everything in between. Then we grabbed coffee and reviewed each other’s dating profiles (haha I love it!). I love that Sarah lives in the states now, Africa was too far away.

That night I had a date at Trillium on the greenway. I love the new set up! It’s so fun for a date spot and the beer is insane! I tried the Wild Trillium which was kind of like a sour brewed with watermelon and mint! So refreshing!! I also oddly love first dates and it was the perfect night to be out and about in the city!


So despite the dent in my bank account and the bloating from the alcohol and quantity of food I’m a happy girl. And even with those things I feel pretty privileged that my friends are close by and I have access to so many fun experiences!! Cheers to summer in Boston!