How to Crush the Weekend

Step 1: Start off with a date Friday night after work. Doll yourself up and walk into it with confidence. Drink wine and eat delicious food.


Step 2: Enjoy a spontaneous brunch with your sister and her boyfriend who took the Amtrak in for the Red Sox game. Invite new friends (Olivia) and have old friends come say hi (Christine).


Step 3: Watch the Red Sox with your Vermont family and drink Massachusetts beer...still miss my Vermont IPAs. 


Step 4: Watch Chernobyl with your roommate and go to bed by 9pm.

Step 5: Wake up Sunday to race a 5k and absolutely crush it only to have some rough abdominal discomfort...guess waffles won’t be a new pre-run food.


Step 6: Nap like a boss who hasn’t gotten her 12 hours of sleep this weekend.

Step 7: Make dinner with your best friend from childhood visiting from San Francisco.


It was a week featuring a lot of food and alcohol but it was all delicious and in good fun. Going into the week smiling.