Exercising in the Summer



Social events.


These are all things that interrupt my exercise routine in the summer. Luckily, I have a very flexible workout routine that allows for rest days, swapping out workouts, travel, etc. I just renewed my BeachBody subscription for the second year and I’m super excited! The array of programs has truly helped me to enjoy exercise again and to fit it in no matter what my life looks like!


The only way to beat the heat and hopefully the humidity too is to workout in the morning. I try my hardest to only hit snooze once and get up. Not only is it cooler, but I’m often more awake once I get to work if I exercise in the morning.


Summer is when friends invite you to do things, you stay out late after work, and you’re just dang busy! Hallelujah to that. But it can also damper your exercise routine even though it doesn’t have to. First, I try to workout in the morning so I don’t miss my chance to sweat if plans pop up in the afternoon. Second, if the plans involve a workout I just move my workouts around. Lately I’ve been doing some 80 Day Obsession Workouts and 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts mixed in with some runs each week to total 5-6 workouts. It works well for me because a lot of the time friends will want to catch up on a run or I’ve been trying to run with a group after work! Hoping with the new program I want to do on BeachBody that I can continue to meet up for runs and not have to do 2-a-day’s because that isn’t sustainable for me, nor should it be.


When it comes to travel, I simply switch my workouts around to accommodate these plans. Sometimes I’ll workout every weekday to have the weekend off. Other times I swap around the workouts to do the one that doesn’t involve weights when I’ll be traveling. And other times I just bring my workouts with me and do them wherever I am! When I was in Maine I used my mom’s weights and worked out on the deck each morning! It makes travel so much less stressful knowing I can workout when and where and how I want!


I’m excited for a new BeachBody program, but I’m also enjoying all that summer brings. While running isn’t my favorite in the heat I’ll do it with friends and for beer. Heck I’ve even thought about truly training for a 5k since my times have been pretty good with a new PR of 23:51. Imagine what these legs could do, although I attribute my newfound speed to the cross training that is BeachBody.


Happy summer exercising, friends!

This is not a sponsored post, just a girl who loves her workouts.