A Healthy Vacation

Staying healthy IRL is hard so how are we expected to do it on vacation. Well, first, you need to define what healthy means to you. For me it means a balance of fun and routine. A balance of nutritious and delicious. A balance of wine…and more wine.

I started this vacation with some negative self talk. Feeling like I don’t exercise long or hard enough, indulge too frequently in alcohol and enjoy the convenience of takeout too much. But then my friend said, “you’re also the strongest I’ve seen you.” And another friend said “comparison is the thief of joy.”

What’s healthy for you may not be what’s healthy for others.
— C. Albertelli

Mic drop, my friends. Cue the lingering silence.

They’re so right. I am strong. I do make (mostly) healthy choices. So I decided to simply be more mindful this vacation, but also enjoy myself.

I have a nutritious breakfast (overnight oatmeal) and lunch (salad with protein) to allow for a heavier dinner/happy hour because that’s how my family rolls on vacation.


I cook dinner. Then I have more control over the ingredients. Swapping oil or spray for butter, adding extra vegetables, using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. It’s only been two days, but I’ve cooked mussels and shrimp tacos one night and Bobotie from South Africa another night.


I try to work out each day. I don’t have to, but I find myself wanting to since I know I’ll be lying in the sun reading most of the time! Luckily Shaun Week on BeachBody barely requires weights and can be done on the go. It’s also only 30 minutes!


I’m reading self help books about taking my happiness into my own hands. Saying yes to things that scare me, but also saying yes to saying no to negative thoughts and negative people. Thank you Shonda Rhimes and Rachel Hollis for the inspiration.

I get a full night of sleep. My mom may be shocked by how much I sleep, but not having an alarm is a truly glorious thing. I’ve also been known to nap quite frequently.

So while vacations have always been a bit stressful for me in the past, I now find myself feeling relaxed and content. Sure I’m a bit self conscious and compare myself to my sister, but I still walk tall in my bathing suit. Sure I want to have a few glasses of wine during happy hour with my parents, but I try to not overdo it. Sure the food may be more indulgent, but I include nutritious food earlier in the day. It’s all about the ebb and flow. And vacation is not the time to make drastic changes, but rather your every day life. So enjoy vacation and make healthy swaps when you can.