Trying Something New

There’s always room for improvement.

Even though I feel pretty confident in my day-to-day routine lately, I know that there are changes that I can make for the better. Whether it be consistently waking up early to get my workout in, drinking more water, drinking less alcohol, or having smaller portions. If we pay close enough attention there are always things to improve upon no matter how perfect things may seem at first glance.

Today I am starting a new BeachBody program. This program is only 20-30 minutes a day so I know I can do it. It honestly comes down to making it a priority and sticking to it. There’s no way I can say I don’t have time to do a 20-30 minute workout, that would be crazy talk. And yet, when I was in my internship I had difficulty finding 10 minutes to devote to myself. It’s really just getting over the sense that there is no time or that everything else is more important because nothing is more important than you. I should read Girl, Stop Apologizing again to get myself PUMPED to make time for myself.


That being said, one thing that I am actively working on is getting up on my first alarm. I never used to snooze my alarm until I started working full-time. I also never used to be this tired, either, but I guess the two go hand in hand. I wrote in my journal how great it would be to have more time to myself in the morning before work since most days I feel like I am running out the door. I should note that there is no set start time for me at work…so I can literally get there whenever I want to as long as I get my work done and work 8 hours. I tend to choose 7-7:30 am because I like to wake up my patients and be there when the doctors are rounding. But if that sets me up to not have time for myself, is it really the best time for me to get to work? Or can I get up earlier without snoozing my alarm? Stay tuned.

Another thing I have been focusing on lately is how to improve my overall nutrition without making drastic changes. As a dietitian I am often asked what I think about the most recent fad diet, the keto diet coming up more recently. While I tend to stick to the research, certain diets or ways of eating can work for specific individuals but there is no one size fits all and I truly believe the less restriction the better. I’ve been tracking my calories this month and while it used to be a trigger, I now have a stronger relationship with food and don’t feel threatened by the numbers. Calorie counting works for me because it actively shows me how to fit treats and caloric foods into my life without feeling guilty; hello Holy Donuts! It also helps me tune into my hunger to see if I am truly hungry. While it’s certainly not a tool for everyone, and the calorie “goal” is always an estimate, it showed me where I was going over: social eating.


I enjoy being social. I enjoy eating. And so often times social gatherings involve going out to dinner or drinks or both. Heck last weekend was Brewfest…and then this past week my friends came over for wine and cheese…and pizza. I’m proud that my day-to-day routine is mostly nutritious and not usually excessive and can include treats. And I know that it’s okay to indulge in social situations every now and then since it’s not my normal and there are outside factors that I have no control over. But I do think I would feel better if my balance was more 80:20 than 70:30 (the app that I use it shows you the percentage of days that you hit your goal versus the days that you didn’t so that’s what I mean by the 70:30).


So with the beginning of my new program I am making 2 small, achievable goals. Notice that I made these goals realistic to help improve my confidence that I can succeed.

  1. Wake up on my first alarm 4 out of 5 weekdays.

  2. Only drink socially and not alone.

That’s it! Two goals to work towards. Once I feel confident with these I will choose some new ones! Happy Monday all!