Eating Out with Dietitians

This past week I went to a networking event with two colleagues. We met up with a group of about 20 or so Boston-based dietitians at Cinquecentro in the South End. We started off talking business, but quickly transitioned into getting to know one another.

I sat back and observed at one point and realized just how wrong some people get this profession and the people who are registered dietitians. We don’t spend our days only eating fruits and vegetables. We don’t tell people to diet. We aren’t nutritionists or dietary.


When asked what our favorite summer activity is as an ice breaker 90% of us said something that involved drinking. Mine of course was Brewfest as you may have guessed. Yes dietitians drink alcohol. We can also tell you how many calories per gram it provides and yet we drink it anyway.

We all enjoyed copious amounts of wine because free food and drinks is our JAM! This night ended with a magnum bottle of rose (1.5 liters) on the patio…nobody complained.

The bread on the table was very much enjoyed because we all know carbohydrates are the body’s main source of fuel. And, you need bread when drinking alcohol, it’s just smart. Nobody likes a sloppy drunk.


Most plates were eaten in entirety, yours truly included. I had been looking forward to pasta all day so I ate every last bite despite knowing that it was probably 2x the amount I’d serve myself at home. But as dietitians we know that changes to our daily habits matter more than restricting ourselves on a fun night out.


Dietitians certainly don’t skimp on dessert! Unless we’re full of course and seasoned in mindful eating, but I’m still a work in progress. I took a moment after dessert to realize that I could have lived without the tiramisu, but loved every bite of Maggie’s chocolate dessert despite being full. A big part of mindful eating is reflecting on how foods satisfy you and what changes you’d make in the future. Or also accepting that sometimes it’s okay to overeat especially when eating out with dietitians!

The food brought us all to the same place but our love for the field kept us talking for hours. As clinical dietitians we are often misunderstood so it’s refreshing to be candid and open with people who understand the struggles, the jokes, and the joys.

Thank you Abbott for bringing us all together in the heart of Boston to enjoy good food, even better wine, and great company.