Happy birthday to me. Today I turn 28.

I was asked if I was excited for my birthday, but truthfully not really. I used to get excited for the party and the cake (okay, and the presents). Then I grew up and was excited for a vacation or time with family. Nowadays it’s different and while it could be because I work, I think it’s because I’m a twin.

I don’t mind working on my birthday because I work with a lot of my favorite people and I adore my patients. I truly love my job and for that I’m grateful. We also usually get dinner or drinks after work because we love any excuse to celebrate. Pizza and beer for me, please!

I don’t mind turning a year older. Honestly, I’ve been accidentally telling people I’m 28 this last year so it’s no surprise to me that now I’m actually 28. Also, I think my confidence and comfort in the world and in my body only gets better and more profound each year that passes. I’d rather be who I am now than any previous version of me! I’ll have that cake and eat it too, please.

I mind being away from my sister. Sure I just saw her a few weekends ago, but she’s my twin. If there’s anyone I want to spend this day with it’s her. In a perfect world it would me my mom, my dad, my sister and I all together but that’s a rare occurrence.


While I know it’s okay to be sad that I can’t spend the day with Julie, I’m also happy that we each have our own lives that make us happy. I’m grateful for my health, for my family, for my friends and coworkers, and for my job. Right now I’m happy and there isn’t much that I’d wish for for myself so I’m hoping it’s okay to use my wishes for some other people.

Happy birthday to me. And thank you to everyone who makes my life as great as it is.