Why do you workout?

Working out can be therapeutic, stress-relieving, or torture. It all depends on how you look at it. If you exercise for positive reasons you’re more likely to stay committed and actually see results because you want to move your body in a certain way. If you exercise soley for weight reduction reasons you’re likely to skip workouts, dread the act, and give up. So ask yourself, why do you exercise? If it’s because you enjoy it then keep doing what you’re doing. If not, then maybe you need to re-evaluate.


In addition to the why of exercise, there’s the what to consider. If you find you enjoy the endorphins and what a good sweat does for you physically and mentally but find yourself dreading the actual activity then maybe it’s time to find something else. Do you thrive in group settings or alone? Do you like dark lights and bumping music or quiet on some trails? Do you prefer cardio or strength training? One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to exercising.

Furthermore, maybe your schedule doesn’t work for you and you need to change up when you workout. Some people like the 1 hour per day 5 days a week while others prefer to do a half hour every day of the week. Maybe you’re into 3 days a week. If the schedule doesn’t fit into your other commitments, you’re likely to quit, too. So take this into consideration and set yourself up for success! Don’t commit to six days a week if you have an unreliable schedule. Create goals you can commit to!


Exercise, just like any eating plan, should be individualized and tailored to you to help you succeed. If you’re struggling to staying committed take a look at the why, what, and when of your routine, maybe some adjustments are necessary.

I workout for stress relief and because it makes me feel good. This never used to be the case and I thought of exercise as pure torture because all I did was cardio. Now I do a mix of cardio and strength training. My workouts are typically 30 minutes in length so I can do two a day and take days off as needed and I can fit it in before work. I also do BeachBody so I workout at home where I have no excuses not to workout and someone tells me exactly what to do. This is what works for me right now. Sure maybe I don’t always see physical results but there are so many non-scale victories for me now that I have an exercise routine that I enjoy!

Moving your body in a way that is both mentally and physically healing is a huge part of overall health. Sure it can lead to weight loss for some people but also increased HDL, improved cardiac fitness, decreased risk for chronic diseases, blood sugar control, etc. There are so many benefits that you may not see but are so important to your health. So find a workout plan that works for you so you keep putting your health first.