A Great Holiday

I took the week of the Fourth of July off to be with my family. It’s not that we do anything special, but it’s a great time to be in Maine. It’s sunny and warm (sometimes a bit too much) and the town is hopping. 

The morning was slow, which is typical when I’m in Maine. We all tend to wake up when the dog wakes up (around 7) and Mom and I drink coffee. I ate some baked oatmeal while Mom and Dad took Izzie for a walk. I can’t exercise right when I wake up...I need some time to get myself together... 

After breakfast Mom and I both worked out. Mom is in the midst of 21 Day Fix and I’m halfway through 80 Day Obsession. We’ve been on top of our workouts this week despite the humidity!  


Around 10:30 we headed into town to see what was going on. First stop was the book sale where I got four books (which I now have to lug home...) Two were on World War II. After that we ended up at the Greek food truck in town. I find it so funny that we have a Greek food truck when the town has approximately 200 people. It was quite delicious, though! Mom and I each got the falafel gyro and I had a side of spanakopita while Mom and Dad split some fries. Talk about #stuffed. 


After lunch we walked through town for a hot minute (emphasis on “hot”) and I bought a popsicle mold. It was SWELTERING. Not to mention the town cut down all the trees to widen the road...interesting. We drove around for a bit to cool down and found a farm stand!


The afternoon was spent relaxing inside because it was mid 90s and humid. But we did float in the sun to cool off a bit and cool Izzie off. Dad and I even got Izzie to relax on a rock hidden under the water. She was apprehensive at first but liked being in the water.  


At 4pm we headed over to The Travis Mills Retreat which is about a 5 minute ride. Dad and I were gung-ho to volunteer for veterans on Independence Day. I was a stand-in volunteer which was allowed since my parents are “certified” volunteers. We were stationed in the kitchen to help with the dinner meal. Not only were we serving the guests (veterans and their families) but also Travis and his family.  

My first job was decorating the cake. The colors weren’t exactly red and blue but close enough. I was most proud of the flag and took great pride in the overall outcome.  


 My other job was grilling the chicken. Now, I am no grill master. It honestly intimidates me. But I had a meat thermometer and my dad was at the grill next to me cooking the ribs. I had a process of using one set of tongs until the meat cooked relatively through and then another set to flip the more cooked chicken to prevent cross contamination. You better believe I checked every breast with the meat thermometer. Overall I did a decent job for my first time grilling. It was also so hot and humid and my grill was in direct sunlight. But Travis did come out to thank my dad and me for coming out to volunteer.  


Before we cleaned up I enjoyed a scoop of lobster Mac and cheese, some chicken, and two large pieces of cornbread (yes it was from a box but it was SO good).  


At 8pm we drove home, chugged a glass of cold wine, I jumped in the lake, and then we drove back to the retreat. We got there just in time for the fireworks. And home just in time to comfort Izzie through the town’s fireworks.  


I can’t think of a better way to spend the fourth and a better chance to thank the veterans and active military for all they do. Thank you.