My Favorite Summer Holiday

BREWFEST! It’s a huge holiday in Vermont. Well, at least for me. I’ve gone for the past five years or so. You have to know how to get tickets because they go fast. Everyone wants that local beer and this girl misses her local Vermont beer.


Each year has been interesting and fun in its own way. 

1. Day session that ended with a LOT of cheese and crackers and other snacks. 



2. Day session with my sister, Sophie, and her boyfriend Walker.



3. Night session with my sister and Molly.



4. Night session with Maia and Christine. This was a great reunion after graduating and living in the city for a few months. 



5. Night session with below. 



We started the day by sleeping in late in order to prepare for our festivities later on. We lounged and drank coffee while chatting with Christine’s family. It was the best way to spend the morning, especially since her family is so warm and inviting. Breakfast included a bagel and watermelon! Give me all the carbs.


After breakfast we lounged some more. We hung out with Christine’s sister and simply enjoyed having no commitments. Surprisingly we managed to pull together and {almost} complete a workout. I introduced Christine to 80 Day Obsession. it was tough and we were both feeling jittery from coffee. 


It was FINALLY time to shower and get ready for brewfest. I couldn’t decide between my jumpsuit and a more relaxed outfit. I’m so glad I went with the more relaxed outfit because jumpsuits and brewfest aren’t the best idea. Last but not least we ate a late lunch of salad and toast before heading downtown.  


First up: find Rebecca! We met up with her and her husband, Joe, and trekked to the waterfront together. They are the cutest and I seriously LOVE her new haircut.


Christine and I then bumped into other friends, both new and old while running around to various tents. We didn’t make a plan and just went with the flow. Who am I?!


I chose the IPA at every tent...dumb. My favorite was a new one by Zero Gravity and a double IPA but I forget from where... Trillium (from Boston) was also there and that was tasty as always.


At Brewfest you get 15 tickets and I’ve finished them only one year...until this year when I actually had 16! With one hour left Christine and I were running around trying so hard. My last two beers were both Focal bad idea, Megan. (Great beer, though).

Christine ended the night by jumping in on some couple’s game of Cornhole.


After Brewfest we walked up the hill to Church Street to find Maia to say hi before heading to the bars. It was so good to see her, she and Joe are another cute one.


The rest of the night was spent reminiscing with old friends and making new friends. I realized how much I miss Burlington but also how small it feels. I miss the comfort and knowing that if I was at a coffee shop or a bar I would likely see someone I know. I miss the mountains! I miss the beer. But I also love the excitement of being able to visit once and a while all while pursuing my passion. I’ll always love Vermont and my Vermont people. Til next year, Brewfest.