I'm writing this while I'm cozy on the couch feeling guilty about leaving work early. There's a crazy snow storm blowing outside and while I'm grateful to have left before public transportation shuts down I know not everyone is as lucky. I also just think all the time... But some days I handle anxiety much better, usually when I get a good night's sleep, which hasn't happened in a few days or when I have some exciting plans. This past Wednesday I did have fun plans. I got off the train in Back Bay and pulled up my maps app to locate the restaurant I was meeting a friend at. Turns out it was right in front of me...womp womp. I was at Lolita's. It had a cool vibe, very dark and Day-of-the-dead-esque. I set myself up at the bar and ordered a blackberry sangria which was delicious.

If you're wondering, yes I took this with flash (accidentally) which drew attention to the girl reading alone at the bar. Luckily the girl next to me was doing the same thing. We both sipped and read. It was actually quite enjoyable.

Olivia met me not too long after and we got a cozy table for two in the corner. I wondered why we got put in the corner and then I had a coughing fit and was grateful. They brought out this lime/passionfruit shaved ice which they poured tequila over. Apparently it's a pallets cleanser. It was delicious. I need to buy better tequila. We thought it was meant to last the whole dinner but they took it away after not too long, our mistake. But then they brought out chips and salsa/other dips. So tasty! I'm all about the chips in life.

At this point I also tried the white wine ginger sangria. Sangria calls to me when it's on the menu. But I'm not a huge fan of it has juice in it...picky, I know.

For dinner we ordered some small plates including the street corn (my life has been changed), the cauliflower tacos (another favorite which changed my view of tacos), the carne asada, and pork taquitos. All very flavorful and exquisite. I left stuffed!

And then they brought out cotton candy with the bill! I tried two bites and realize I still hate cotton candy...you expect to chew it and then it's gone! Like no thanks. But I appreciate the effort since I basically spent an arm and a leg.

Liv and I had a great time talking and catching up. We discussed friends who are getting married or already, my lack of a love life, work/school, my upcoming Scotland trip and places to visit, and families. I don't get to see this girl often, but nothing ever changes. Even though she has to stay in Scotland for a few more years I know we'll always be close! That's what makes me happy, especially as I continue to work on making friends in a big city. It's hard!

So glad to cross ANOTHER place off my bucket list! But I'm sure I'll add a few more places soon, that's always how it works.