Weekend Good Eats

This weekend has been full of delicious food and fun. These days there aren't many weekends that include much more than working and watching Netflix (keep the Gilmore Girls episodes coming) so I had to take full advantage. Saturday after work I cooked a quick dinner. I sautéed mushrooms in oil with some scallions. In another pan I seared a tuna burger for some protein and because I need the Omega-3s. I cannot for the life of my swallow a fish oil pill... This all got mixed together with some pasta and copious amounts of parmesan cheese. A while later I was still hungry so I ate some raw carrots. Funny side story, I eat so many carrots that one time a doctor looked at my palms and confirmed that I had keratosis (orange skin coloring from eating lots of beta-carotene).

I had a fun night out with my friends which ended with some meat lovers pizza (I told you I wasn't a vegetarian). I'm on the search for the best pizza around. We played video games and let me tell you, my friends are pros and I have a lot of practice to do.

Fast forward to this morning (Sunday). My friends and I chatted and hung out for a bit before deciding it was time to start the day...at 11am.

Our normal breakfast choice is our favorite bagel shop where we get bagel sandwiches. It's very popular and always packed on weekends. Today we decided to branch out and try a new bagel place. Boy were we pleasantly surprised. The place specializes in Montreal style bagels cooked with honey. I got a whole wheat bagel and the subtle hint of honey provided the perfect amount of sweetness. It was so delicious. The bagels are also wood fired in an oven that my grandmother would love! I got my bagel with veggie hash, brisket, and a scrambled egg. Everything was so tasty and cooked perfectly. The bakery was so quaint too.


If it looks delicious it tasted even better! Anytime brisket is on the menu I likely will order it. Everything was so flavorful, but the bagel won the show. Besides the bagel, the best part of breakfast was my company.

After studying and going for a run I decided to give Pad Thai a go. A lot of Pad Thai recipes are lengthy and challenging (in my opinion) and I can't really accommodate those recipes in my tiny kitchen. Therefore, I decided I would just stir fry my own vegetables and follow a recipe for the sauce and the method for cooking the rice noodles. I have never used fish oil in a recipe before let alone purchased it. It definitely makes a difference (and doesn't cost too much if you're on a budget)! I will officially be eating pad thai for the next 5 days, at least. Thank you Cooks Illustrated for the inspiration and guidance on the fish oil.


I hope you all had just as delicious of a weekend!


Happy eating.