Weekend in Review

Hi guys! How was your weekend? What was the one highlight that you can't stop thinking about? For me, it was going to a new restaurant that I can't stop raving about... My weekend tends to go from Thursday night into Friday because I work Saturday and Sunday typically. So Thursday night is usually when I relax and have some fun. This past Thursday I had a little bit too much fun...

Three of the girls in my cohort came over for our first book club meeting. We may have slacked a bit and only two of us finished the book and we didn't discuss it all that much...maybe next time? Or we will just get together for wine and apps. Either or.

(I love any excuse to host)

After a few glasses of wine and lots of snacks (anyone else have trouble sitting in front of food and literally not noticing until it's gone?) I never buy myself snack food and, therefore, whenever it is around me I have a hard time showing any amount of control...it happens. It's part of normal eating!

We went to the basketball game on campus that night which was at 9pm! They were broadcasting the game which was why it was so late. I forgot that I need glasses and was a blurry mess, but I did know that we won!


The next morning Rebecca and I were supposed to run 8 miles but numerous glasses of wine coupled with a late bedtime did not work in our favor. We texted each other at 5am and decided to run in the afternoon instead...that didn't happen either thanks to the windchill...so we each did a few miles on the treadmill and planned the 8 miles for Sunday morning.

Friday I did some homework before food shopping and cleaning. Then I went to the hockey game on campus. I was full of school spirit this weekend! I love watching hockey games! Certainly brought back memories from my freshman year when I would go to every single game...sometimes multiple games in a weekend. It was a good game and there was an impressive fight, but we lost 4-2.

Saturday I had to work from 8:30-5. I ended up seeing a friend at work who invited me to go to dinner with her and her boyfriend that night at 8pm since my plans had fallen through. I really wanted to try out the restaurant that they were planning to go to, but I am an early eater...I was starving at 6pm and found myself snacking on roasted veggies and an apple with a slice of cheese. But boy was the wait worth it!

There is a tiny (and I mean tiny) new "hipster" bar downtown that is a bit off the beaten path. The house wine is $3 a glass! I had to have a glass just because I can't pass up a good deal. The other great thing about the menu is that the plates are small and so you can order a bunch of different plates to share. We went with the root vegetable fries (2 orders because they were that good), brie crostini (although I was not feeling the brie after all I had on Thursday), duck tacos (for the amigos), beef sliders, and pork belly flatbread with kimchi.

Who stole the show? The pork belly flatbread with kimchi for me! This is seriously what dreams are made of. I ate half of it because I could not get enough. It's a small pizza to begin with but oh my gosh so so so tasty. The kimchi is so flavorful and complements the pork belly and cheddar cheese so well. The waiter said they make the kimchi on site...impressive! My friend asked if she could buy some, but unfortunately could not. I will be back for more.

The roasted vegetable fries came in at a close second. They were thick and fried to perfection. The flavoring on them was so delicious and accented the root vegetable undertone so well. They came with a basil aioli on the side, a great addition.

I also loved the beef sliders. The patty was juicy and tender and the bun was buttery and fluffy. Very good as well. I didn't eat one bite of the beet salad that came on the side because all I wanted was bread and meat :) I had one and shared the other in case you were wondering. Plus they were truly tiny as you can see!

The atmosphere, to top it all off, is so cozy. While there isn't a lot of seating it's an ideal place to go on a date or with friends. We all got drinks and split 3 apps and 3 medium plates and I spent a grand total of $16! Great place for college students who are budgeting (*cough* me *cough*).


Sunday morning I woke up at 6am to have a slice of pb&j toast before my run. I wasn't all that hungry from the night before, but knew I needed something if I were to go for 8 miles. I am so confused how my sister runs without eating anything...got to replenish that liver glycogen!

(Talking mid picture...but Rebecca wanted the world to see my snow beard)

The run felt great! Eight miles went by in a flash except for the part where the sidewalks were hardly shoveled and every step felt like an enormous feat. It was a good way to start the day despite having to work from 10:30-7pm. I wore my hot pink compression sleeves to work and just went with it!

By the time I got home at 7pm after a long day and almost a foot of snow (I drove 15mph home) I was starving and in desperate need of some comfort food. After standing in the kitchen thinking "what do I really want to eat right now..." I went with a bagel with butter and jam and scrambled eggs. I ate a few carrots to get in some vegetables for balance. This was the bagel that I bought Friday thinking I was going to do a long run in the afternoon and wanted to use my free bagel coupon. Silly me went to the wrong bagel place and ultimately had to pay for the bagel. Good news is I have enough coupons to have a bagel every single day I have a long run. And yes, as a future dietitian one of my favorite foods is a bagel.

Why feel guilty about enjoying your favorite foods? They can be a part of a healthy eating pattern. Enjoy your favorite foods without guilt. The stress and anxiety is not worth it. I spent the rest of the night relaxing and now I am trying to prepare for a week of homework, research, my first test, and a bunch of running and other appointments. Having a full day off would be really helpful one of these days...maybe Friday?

(This is from last night showing that yes, Vermont still gets snow)