WIAW - Snacking and Homework

I woke up at 6am to eat some breakfast before running. I just wasn't feeling like running after eating just a banana. I needed more energy (aka I really just wanted to eat breakfast). So I had two pieces of Great Harvest toast (I bought Goldrush this time around, but I usually get Honey Whole Wheat). I had both slices with peanut butter and jelly (and chia seeds!). One I put the jelly on first and one I put the peanut butter on first. My experiment revealed that I like pb&j toast better when the peanut butter goes on first. The ratio of peanut butter to jelly needs to be at least 2:1.

I met Rebecca at 7:15am for a 4 mile run. It was so windy that while I was waiting for her my car was shaking...not feeling the wind these days. At least it wasn't freezing...yet.

I came home and showered, cleaned my bathroom and made another cup of coffee. I drank my coffee while doing some homework and eventually ate a clementine before heading over to Molly's to work on our research project.

Molly and I split a chocolate chip and walnut pancake (homemade by her roommate) while working. I didn't take a picture because I was starving and legitimately wolfed it down. I love pancakes...and these were so fluffy and delicious.

Once Christine arrived and brought the majority of our snacks with her (you're the best, Christine) we made a smorgasbord of foods for lunch. We had cheese and crackers (thankful I can keep cheese in my diet), chips and guacamole, apple slices (literally the best apple), carrots, artichoke dip (leftover from our book club), and scones. Molly bought berry scone mix from Trader Joes that we topped with a wee bit of butter. Yum!

Tea was had shortly after and nearly put us all to sleep! I brought some of my David's Tea purchase to share with the girls because I went a bit overboard yesterday. The sale teas were 50% off and I couldn't resist. I got a small bag of Snow Day and a big bag of Nutty and Spice. I also ate a few more crackers and cheese because I can't resist...

After a very productive and comfortable afternoon with two of my best friends I ran a few errands before going home.

I then spent so much time building my portfolio and printing some things for a scrapbook I'm making. It's officially done!!! I love having scrapbooks to look back on. The last one I made was for my study abroad experience in Spain.

I ate the last of my chili with some avocado slices on top for dinner. It was a later dinner because I was so full from lunch! I also ate it so mindlessly that I forgot to take a picture...I'm terrible at this.

Currently sitting down to do a little more homework while drinking some ginger turmeric tea from Trader Joe's and watching Gilmore Girls.

Look what came this evening...so excited for my tempo run in these babies tomorrow!

They're just so pretty!