Fueling for Fitness

This morning I woke up and was not feeling my impending tempo run. I had a 10 mile tempo on the plan for today and the grey, gloomy day was not helping my motivation. Any mileage over an hour I know I will need some extra carbohydrates in the morning. I woke up and threw two pieces of toast in the toaster. Topped with peanut butter and jelly because when would I ever eat anything else? This gave me about 45-60 grams of carbohydrates for my run which was perfect because I noticed the "wall" around 9.5 miles.


My 10 mile tempo was attempted on the waterfront and I made it 4 miles out before being forced to turn around because of the ice and snow. It was throwing off my tempo times.

Tempo 1: 8:00

Tempo 2: 8:31 (see the picture below for what I was running through)

Tempo 3: 8:04

Tempo 4: 7:39

Tempo 5: 7:39

(this isn't even the worst of it)

The carbohydrates from breakfast got me through the run and when I got home I had some milk and a clementine. My body was so tired walking up the hill to class, but I was so happy to get there and finally be able to eat my lunch. I had leftover gnocchi, sautéed mushrooms and eggplant, and turkey sausage. It's such a keeper throw-together meal.

With long or hard runs I pay very close attention to the pre- and pots- workout fuel. Beforehand I always eat peanut butter and jelly toast, one or two slices depending on the mileage. Anything over an hour (~6 miles) I will have two slices for the added carbohydrates. After  I try to have chocolate milk or regular white milk with some fruit. The rest of the day I tend to eat pretty normally with an extra snack here or there (tonight included a few handfuls of pretzels with my wine). A few glasses of wine happened because I am in quite a funk lately. The sun needs to come out and stay out and melt all of this snow. Some days you just need to sip some wine and text your sister who is also your best friend. Missing my favorite winos: my mom and sister.

Today's dinner was a classic that I made last week and cannot get enough of. Quinoa + roasted vegetables + legumes + Trader Joe's Goddess dressing. The roasted veggies featured tonight were brussels sprouts, peppers and onions. A great balance and I love brussels sprouts.

I've been sipping the aforementioned wine while cooking banana bread for a breakfast date tomorrow and watching Gilmore Girls. Stay tuned for the review of the banana bread!