BIG Goals!

Today after sleeping in after my 6am alarm to go running because I am sick and then working 8 hours I had to bribe myself to go to the gym. I really didn't want to go but Julie's evil voice was in my head saying, "Every mile counts." I told myself to run one mile, but to aim for two miles. I knew three wasn't in the cards. Mentally I wasn't there. And physically. Especially with a ten mile tempo tomorrow. I listened to the 20 minutes that I had left of the latest Ali on the Run podcast (I started it yesterday). It's the best podcast. I wish there were more episodes because I'm all caught up. She asks great questions and is always laughing. Today she asked her guest about her goals in life, in work, and in running. It made me think. What are my goals? 

  • To graduate. Graduation is May 20th. Today is April 15th. You do the math. It's so close and it feels so surreal. I have my cap and gown in my closet just staring back at me.

  • To get a job that I love. I have finally accepted that I may not have a job lined up before graduation. While I don't want to move home because I feel like that is a step back, maybe I will move to my family's summer house in Maine to study for the RD exam. Sun and studying?! I can do that. To love my job it needs to be challenging and stimulating. I want to learn every day. I want to interact with people every day.
  • To run a sub-4 hour marathon. This is one running goal because I am not obsessed with running. Julie is the one obsessed with running. Check out her most recent post. I prefer to sleep in and I have trouble waking up and running because I feel zapped of energy without food. The only time I can get up at 6am and run right away is at Julie's because I know that is the only time I can run with her. I just want to have fun running the marathon with Julie, but also make her proud. I will cry when I cross the finish line because I'll be proud, but also because it's my last weekend in Vermont...

  • To visit Olivia in Scotland. I haven't been on a plane in forever...almost two years to be exact. The last trip was to Martinique and then I had mono for two months... I would go back to Turks and Caicos in a heartbeat, but Olivia is in Scotland and that's on my bucket list.

  • To visit Sophie and Walker in San Francisco and go to Napa. Julie should come too so the triplets can be united again. And so I don't have to fly alone.

  • To get a CSA again. I MISS my CSA so much! It fostered my creativity and increased my fiber intake (not that that is struggling at all!) I also love supporting local farms. I truly hope wherever I move to has a strong local farming community.
  • To get back into doing yoga. No words are needed, just watch me try to touch my toes...
  • To spend more time with my parents. For five years I've lived over four hours away. If you know me, you know I love my family to pieces. When Julie moved back to the coast and she got to see them more I was very jealous. Now is my chance.

  • To be truly happy.

Goals are dynamic, ever changing. And these are just my long term goals. I have short term goals to accomplish these and if I don't I need to make some...because I want to reach these goals.