Banishing "Perfect Eating"

My friend recently brought to my attention the discussion of food blogging versus orthorexia and asked my thoughts as a future dietitian. It's a sticky situation. On the one hand I want to blog about delicious and nutritious food, but on the other hand I understand that diet culture is out there and disordered eating is prevalent. For that reason, I hope that my posts and my pictures do not make it seem that I am a "perfect" eater. There is no perfect way of eating. And just because I will soon be a dietitian does not mean that I should be held to such a standard or that I should make others feel that they should eat a certain way. Moving on to my eats.

Breakfast this morning was slow and involved a peanut butter banana yogurt (I got very excited when I saw this in the store), corn flakes, a sliced banana, and a big scoop of peanut butter. I LOVE peanut butter and it's full of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. I put it on so many things and a breakfast without peanut butter is incomplete in my mind.

Even though I woke up a bit later than normal and had what I thought to be a heavier protein breakfast I was hungry at 10:45. I sliced up a pineapple that I bought the other day and ate a few wedges before ultimately deciding to make lunch. Sometimes your body is hungry for a meal at odd times. Listen to your hunger, not the clock. But if you listen to the clock some days, you do you. Sometimes I eat because it's "lunch time." I made breakfast for lunch because Julie introduced me to the glory of siracha on eggs last week. I made two fried eggs on toast with smoked gouda cheese and siracha. Gouda may be my favorite tasty.

Planning on having some extra vegetables at dinner since I haven't had any yet today, but that's okay. I had quite a bit of vegetables yesterday and like I said there is not perfect way of eating. Just because you eat a huge amount of vegetables does not make you a perfect eater. Your body needs a whole mish mash of foods to get the nutrients that it needs.

I finally dragged myself out the door for my run. This week I have six days of running planned instead of five. When I asked my sister why she said that "sometimes you have to do stuff you don't want to do." Thank you. Luckily for me the four miles were not bad. They weren't great either, but definitely better than my runs have been lately.

I came home to do a little bit of strength in the form of planks, bridges, hydrants, and clams. I am actively trying to prevent injury these days. And then I got to the good stuff: refueling. I had a small bag of popcorn with a mishmash of almonds for healthy fats and protein. I had some salted almonds and cocoa roasted almonds. I cannot get enough of these cocoa roasted almonds! Better than chocolate covered in my opinion.

I had class in the afternoon and walking in the sunshine and then going to my favorite class made for a good afternoon. And I did some planning for the week so I was feeling less stressed. Unfortunately I recently got an assignment back with edits from six editors and then immediately felt overwhelmed again. Therefore a glass of wine after dinner was needed (okay, so it wasn't needed but I wasn't handling the stress well and decided one glass of red wouldn't hurt. #antioxidants).

Dinner was pretty bland because I was running 19 miles the following morning and I didn't want to risk stomach issues. Therefore the roasted brussels sprouts stayed in the fridge and I mixed together leftover spaghetti, ground turkey, onion, frozen mixed vegetables, pesto, and of course cheese! I also made a piece of toast with butter and garlic for my homemade version of garlic bread. It was a hefty meal and definitely overshot my hunger, but did not feel too overly stuffed. It will definitely fuel me on my run.

As much as I wanted to watch Gilmore Girls all night long I decided to work on my edits. Three hours later and it's still a work in progress. But there is always tomorrow. Deep breaths, maybe a glass of wine, and a good night's sleep cures all. And a best friend who is there to listen.