Monday in Review

So after a weekend (and then some) of eating out and getting drinks with friends I was ready for some simpler meals cooked at home. And after working three days on top of all that fun I was ready for a rest day and to sleep in. Luckily the birds weren't too loud, probably because the rain drowned them out and I slept until 8am! That's a rarity these days. I wasn't too hungry when I woke up, but once I started making coffee I figured why not make some breakfast. Went with a classic oatmeal with banana and almond cashew butter. I am going to be sad when this nut butter is gone! Enjoyed while reading emails and blogs. I know I should be more mindful while eating breakfast, but this is one of my favorite ways to start my day.

I spent the morning studying for an upcoming final as well as doing laundry. IĀ hate doing laundry. It's the worst. But it's over now! Except for the fancy clothes drying on my drying rack currently.

Lunch was eggs. I love having eggs whenever I am at home for lunch. I had this for breakfast once at Julie's and knew I wanted to recreate it. It was two pieces of bread with some butter and melted cheese, two fried eggs, and siracha. Sandwich style with grapes on the side. Yum!

I studied some more in the afternoon before having a snack to get me through class and the afternoon. I decided on some carrots and chunky peanut butter. I used to eat this all the time in high school. It literally combines my two favorite foods. But I have to say I have qualms (spell check anyone?!) with chunky peanut butter. You end up eating so much more than with creamy peanut butter because it is impossible to spread if you put it on toast and the same amount just doesn't go as far as when you have creamy. But it's okay because my body needs fat to function and my body will let me know when it needs more fuel which might be a little later on. Spoiler alert: I usually eat dinner around 5:30 and that night I didn't even start cooking until 6:30 when my stomach started to make itself known. See how the body is amazing!?

Dinner ended up being a repeat of what I had a few days ago. Salad greens with bell pepper, tomatoes, and tuna mixed with olive oil and pesto. So good! I love tuna and I am definitely feeling the salads lately.

I stretched and foam rolled for a bit and now I'm going to kick back with some ice and maybe some cider or London chocolate šŸ˜


I had the double decker bar last night and tonight I went with the Cadbury Caramel...I have so much appreciation for London chocolate. Definitely ate the whole bar and I enjoyed every last bite of it.