All The NUT Butter

You guys. I have a problem. I have so much nut butter and I cannot stop eating it. I have it at least twice a day. This really isn't a problem. But I thought it could make a fun post! What to make with peanut butter. Breakfast: 

My classic microwave oatmeal! So good to wake up to on a chilly morning.


Overnight oatmeal. Taking the classic, adding some yogurt for desired consistency and chilling overnight. Perfect in the summer and when you have to run out the door.


Yogurt and cereal. Topped with nut butter. I have found I love using the white chocolate peanut butter for this.


Anything topped with nut butter. Toast. Bagels. English muffins. Pancakes. Waffles. Muffins. You name it. I'll top it with nut butter.




Peanutty Noodle Bowls



Muffins topped with nut butter.


Granola bars made with nut butter.


Granola bars made with nut butter and topped with nut butter.

Energy balls!


Apple and peanut butter.

Carrots and peanut butter. TRY IT! I swear it isn't weird.


Crackers and peanut butter.

Pretzels and peanut butter.

Anything and peanut butter.

If you love a food, eat it. Even if it is calorically dense like peanut butter is, your body will tell you when it's hungry next. Mindful eating encompasses taking ownership over your likes and dislikes. For me, I dislike cooked spinach and I love peanut butter. I dislike cottage cheese and I love chocolate. We don't have to like all the "healthy" foods. After all, all foods can be consumed in a healthy way and as part of a healthy lifestyle. So diminish the food guilty and go buy a jar of nut butter (or seven like I did).