The Celebration Begins

It's winding down. Today is my last day of work. Monday is my last final and presentation. Two weeks from today I graduate. AH! And so the celebration has begun. Really it began last week when I was treated to dinner. But last night Jeanne and I had such a great time. She spoiled me and I felt so loved and grateful. So happy to have her in my life.  We started off the night at Mad River Distillery for a Localvore tasting. The space is adorable! I love it. But let me tell you, tasting hard alcohol is not the same as tasting wine...

We got to pick four liquors. I went with a limited release whiskey and the others I chose for flavor (sherry, vanilla, and maple) and can't remember if they were rum, whiskey, or whatnot. I know nothing about hard alcohol. Flavors of hard alcohol don't come through until the after taste I discovered. Except for the sherry one, that one transported me right back to Spain on the first sip. Are you supposed to sip these or take it like a shot?! I was reminded why I never liked sherry...

We then ventured out to Shelburne to try a new restaurant (or so we thought- it's been open for 4 years!)

We pulled up to Rustic Roots and were immediately impressed. It's in a house and has a cute barn in the back. We walked in and it was so cozy! They only take reservations for a certain time on Friday and Saturday nights and there aren't many tables in the dining room making it a very comfortable and inviting space. Not to mention everything is wooden and gorgeous. 

We started with a glass of cab sauv and it had a great leathery taste. Loved it. Our waitress started us off with a pre dinner palate cleanser which was toasted walnuts, beets, and celery. 

Then Jeanne and I shared the pickled vegetables with feta and pistachios. Oh my goodness pistachios are growing on me. Super light and summery. 

We went with our waitress' recommendations for dinner and shared the pea and asparagus risotto with creme fraiche as well as the chicken under a brick. The dishes were so flavorful! And dinner is served with popovers...I almost stuffed them in my purse to go they were so good. I was lucky Jeanne shared half of hers with me because I never wanted the popovers to end. I need to go here for breakfast. 

Of course we had to order dessert. Jeanne went with the pot de creme and I was stuck between the rhubarb streusel and a crepe. They then informed me they had a rhubarb crepe. Sold. It was gigantic!! But of course not a crumb was left on the plate. It was so delicious. 

Jeanne surprised me with the most heartfelt and gorgeous necklace. One side says "MNM. UVM. MSD" and the other side are the coordinates of Burlington. I love it and will wear it all the time.

I'll always be back to visit and I have so many wonderful things to remind me of Burlington and my friends and family. Most of all I have neverending memories. So many of which include Jeanne ❤️