So I have started seeing a physical therapist for my IT band pain. Luckily he says it does sound like that and not a tear or anything else. Apparently my hips are really tight and that can lead to it. I'm not surprised...I'm very inflexible. I've been told to not run to prevent further inflammation, but that's been so hard. At first it was fine because I could cross train at the gym but now I'm at my sister's apartment dog sitting and I don't have access to a gym. Therefore I'll just hope my fitness doesn't flounder too much as I walk dogs and bike some trails for exercise. I'll continue my stretching. 

Five weeks of tapering down to almost nothing worries me a bit...or a lot. But Julie has been great and telling me (almost) every day that it takes longer than I think to lose my fitness and that if I don't take it easy I won't even make it to the starting line. 

My goal right now is about treating my body kindly. I've been body checking/shaming lately and I think it has a lot to do with my running frustration. I can't move the way I want to or as hard/long as I want to. I've also had a very busy few weeks and so my nutrition has not been where I would like it. Fewer fruits and vegetables made it to my plate and a lot more chocolate and wine.

It's not that I feel I need to avoid these foods or eliminate chocolate or wine. It's more that I have been enjoying them for the wrong reasons. I've been eating chocolate because I'm sad about moving or stressed about finding a job. I've been drinking wine because I'm lonely and worried about the future. I'd be okay with it if my body was telling me it wanted these foods and I enjoyed them mindfully and was aware that it's what I wanted. Id be okay if they weren't eaten for emotional reasons. While I'm at Julie's I am trying to be more mindful and aware. 

Before leaving I had a bowl of oatmeal with banana and maple syrup for flavor and chunky peanut butter for texture and because I love it. 

While driving I got very hungry and decided to stop for lunch at the New Hampshire Liquor store on 93. I got the Waldorf chicken salad and cheddar wrap and a small coffee. It was delicious. Chicken salad always reminds me of road trips to Maine as a child. 

When I got to Portsmouth we explored some trails for a bit. Julie and Greg on the four wheeler and me on my bike. 

After Julie and Greg left for the airport I didn't know what to do really. I read for a bit before failing to give the dogs their food. Basically Lyla ate everything. 

I had a salad with goddess dressing, chicken, strawberries, and blue cheese for dinner with a side of avocado English muffin. I just had to try the everything bagel seasoning. It's as good as it sounds. 

Now I'm curled up with some dogs after thorough tick checks and a glass of wine. We're watching Manchester by the Sea and planning a vacation there.