Dog Sitting Diaries: Part 1

I figured I would write about my adventures with these dogs. Here's a day in the life these days...


5:30am: I hear Lyla getting restless. I ignore her and hope she goes back to sleep.

6am: She's hasn't gone back to sleep so I get up to let the dogs out. I turn the Keurig on right away. It's still not soon enough. I get the dogs their breakfast and while they eat (and I keep an eye on Lyla) I make my own breakfast. Unfortunately my oatmeal exploded in the fridge...

6:30am: Sit outside to eat breakfast and drink my coffee. Ruger, being the loving dog that he is, will not leave my side. Eventually he decides to sit on my lap while watching some birds. Lyla is happy to chew a stick...typical.

7am: Attempt to walk them. It goes worse than butt and shins are SO sore from the walk yesterday. Ruger is not meant to be on a leash. He pulls will all his might, not realizing that my poor body is attached to the other end of the leash. I stupidly say "heal" every two seconds, but clearly he does not know that command. I grimace with each pull as my body attempts to resist but cannot.

7:30am: Put the dogs in their respected places and give them kongs so that I can go run on the antigravity treadmill. Honestly was dreading it due to the pain in my shins. I ended up not going and calling to cancel my appointments last minute and joining Julie's gym instead. This way I spend $50 for a week membership instead of $60 for two runs. That means I can have some "me" time every single day. Sold.

8:30am: Workout on something that resembles an elliptical and an arc machine for 45 minutes. I couldn't leave the dogs much longer. Ditch my errands because I have been gone long enough and go to pick up the dogs.

9:30am: I walk into the bedroom and Lyla's tail bangs against the crate ferociously and Ruger attacks. The bed has clearly been slept on and my clothes are all over the floor...hmmm. I try to get their collars on but both are then jumping on and off the bed to get as close to me as possible. Lyla then realizes that Ruger didn't eat his kong of treats and proceeds to shovel that down.

When we go to leave Lyla gets her leash caught in the door by the stairs and then both dogs wrap around me as I open the fence. It takes me a good five minutes and lots of yelling to get them into the car. THEN as we are driving I have a freak out because I check on the dogs and I see Ruger's butt in the air. He attempted some sort of somersault and I was fearful he had hurt himself. Then I see that Lyla has a snarl on her face and realize they are playing so I just yell to least with kids they are buckled in!

10:10am: We get to Greg's house and I let the dogs out. They sprint away from me and run like mad. We walk the trails for about 40 minutes before I decide to turn back. We play frisbee until Ruger catches on in the air and that is the signal to go home. Lyla is still kind of wet from swimming but I figure she will dry off in the car. I do a quick tick check in the car. Yes, I carry the tweezers in my pocket.

11:30am: We get home and I feed the dogs. I eat some strawberries to curb my hunger and make sure Lyla doesn't eat Ruger's food. I then go to find some clothes to wear and realize that all my clothes are dirty. Then I see a tick crawling on a sports bra in my bag and proceed to freak out. I rationalize that it's likely only one and probably because Ruger has been sprawled on top of my clothes...but then I think of the possible ticks in the bed...I won't be able to sleep tonight.

I do another dog tick check and find one on Ruger's neck. I bring him into the bathroom and attempt to remove it but Lyla won't get out of the way. She is jealous of the attention he is getting. Well right now I have removed 4 ticks from Ruger and none from Lyla...come on man.

I take a shower after a thorough tick check for myself...I have been taking long showers because it's more time I have to myself. Then I check my clothes for ticks. My clean clothes. I turn them inside out and back before putting them on. Ruger has me paranoid.

12:15pm: I make leftover fish tacos. Seriously this is the best recipe ever! I ate in the kitchen while reading some blogs because the dogs are sleeping and I don't want to wake them up...this is like having a baby. I didn't realize it, but each fish filet is quite caloric! It must be the panko, but oh my gosh they are delicious and so worth it. Very filling. I need to pay attention to my hunger and fullness cues a bit more.

12:30pm: Another tick check. My dad tells me I need to check all over the there's fur. Lots of it. I'm doing the best I can.

1:30pm: Make tea while blogging and working on an assignment. Julie has a bunch of tea that she said I could enjoy. I plan to replenish some. Just like I replenished the peanut butter filled pretzels that I finished. I hate finishing something and not replenishing it. Maybe why empty toilet paper rolls are a pet peeve...

2:00pm: Bored eat a snack of pretzel slims and crunchy peanut butter. I thought I didn't like crunchy peanut butter because it doesn't spread, but let me tell ya...I was wrong. Bummed I didn't really wait until I was hungry, but I have been looking forward to this combo since I bought the pretzel slims yesterday.

2:30pm: The dogs are fighting on the couch so after yelling at them a few times I walk them outside to fight there. I was going to read, but it's chilly out so I go back in. The dogs follow me, of course, but sleep! It's a miracle.

3pm: Online shop. There are some heels that I really want. I am also into finding new work clothes

4pm: Sit outside and reach while the dogs play with each other. It's sunny but cold. Soon Lyla is jumping on me and I'm covered in dirt.

5pm: Feed the dogs. Make a quick and early dinner for myself since I'm getting drinks at 6. Rice, leftover roasted veggies, chickpeas and goddess dressing because it makes everything better. 

6pm: I met up with Dan (Julie's friend from work) and a few of his friends for the opening of the decks. Let me tell you, I cannot believe julie hasn't taken me there before. People kept asking where Julie yeah Iceland.

8pm: I got home to my pups who did not stop jumping on my nice coats. I had some pretzels and a little peanut butter (it goes with everything) while watching Chicago Fire. Typical night for me. Ruger is on my lap and Lyla is playing with a bone after eating Ruger'a kong. 

It felt so great to be talking to other humans tonight. And to be experiencing Portsmouth. I'm so happy about it!!