Megan & Lyla's Day of Fun

I decided to write about Lyla and my Saturday adventures. I plan to do some exploring in Portsmouth today in combination with some eating, some brewery touring, and some cleaning.


Lyla woke me up a little before 6am because she had to go out. She definitely ate some sticks yesterday and it didn't bode well for her...I've been feeding her at 6am after she goes out because I need coffee and some food before I am awake enough for a walk. I know Julie is the opposite. She walks and then eats, but that girl can also run 20 miles before the sun is up and before eating. Remember my favorite saying: what works for one person may not work for another. Everyone is different, my friends, even the twin and I.

For breakfast I had overnight oatmeal. I have been loving this combo lately (1/2 cup oats, 1/4 cup milk, 1/2 container of yogurt, 1 tbsp peanut butter and fruit). I make two servings at once to use up one 6oz container of yogurt. This morning the yogurt I used was Trader Joe's whole milk caramel macchiato flavor. It's so good! For a while I was hesitant to eat whole milk yogurt or even 4% or 2% because my cholesterol was high at my last check, but I've learned a lot about saturated fat. Trans fat is the real enemy and saturated fat, especially dairy fat has so many other beneficial vitamins and minerals. I'd also rather have whole fat products in my diet than refined grains and sugars which tend to replace fat in the diet (hello 1990s).

I then cleaned up the kitchen and took Lyla for a walk. It was a gorgeous morning and I took her on a 2 mile loop. She did such a good job! I love walking her. This time I paid super close attention to anything that she tried to eat. I haven't been the best at this. We came back home and I watered the growing grass and cleaned up the back yard. It would be a perfect day for gardening if Julie had a garden. Oh how I hope my next apartment has a yard...

I went to the farmers' market by myself because dogs aren't allowed. It was a nice morning for it. I ended up getting some small chunky looking carrots that the farmer told me are a French variety of carrot that is sweeter. Being the carrot connoisseur that I am, I had to try them. I eyed some delicious looking cheeses as well, but ultimately decided to get some falafel balls. I am a sucker for falafel. Then I went back home to pick up the pup.

I packed us each lunch and got us in the car. We drove about 15 minutes to some walking trails. Unfortunately a lot of people were out and Lyla was wild at first (aka barking a lot and pulling me). Then she was much better though and only was bad when some little kids were yelling and running around. She wanted to join them. We walked to the water first and then did the inside trail which was grassy and oh so muddy. My shoes were soaked through. I stopped to snap a picture of Lyla at one point and noticed a tick on her neck. I tried three times to pull it off, but Lyla thought I was playing and kept jumping on me. Remember I said it was muddy? Yup, covered in mud and freaking out. I finally got the tick off or so I believe because I haven't been able to find it again.

We got back to the car and had an early lunch because I was starving and like with babies I eat when the dog eats. I had three of my falafel balls and some carrots from the market. They were really good!

Part of this adventure involved driving to Newmarket to try an ice cream place that Julie told me about. We had gone to Wagon Hill Farm to walk since it was on the way to Newmarket and I wasn't about to drive all the way there just for ice cream. I got to Newmarket about 15 minutes before they opened so I drove around a little bit and realized I wish I had come without Lyla so I could explore more. But this was our day of fun. Although I did leave her in the car while I went to go get ice cream...shame me all you want.

Julie told me about Bloomin' Cow because it was written up about its gelato. However, I have to say I liked the ice cream better than the gelato although both were delicious. The last gelato I had was at Eataly in Boston so my standards are pretty high. I got two scoops because I knew I wanted to try two flavors. I got the peanut butter oreo ice cream (how could I's my favorite combination ever) and the chocolate orange oops gelato. At first I was like wow this tastes exactly like a chocolate orange, why is this an oops. I still don't get it, but maybe it's because they cracked the chocolate orange into chocolate's so good either way. I just liked how the ice cream melted in my mouth more. I want to go back and try blueberry muffin ice cream (they didn't have it today) and the blueberry basil (lemon?) gelato. Today I was feeling the chocolate.

I did not eat my scoops mindfully because Lyla was getting restless and I had to start driving. I didn't realize until halfway home that this was because I didn't walk her after lunch and she had to pee. I ended up pulling off at Wagon Hill Farm again just so that she could pee...terrible dog aunt.

I'm now doing laundry and researching natural tick repellent because I found one on my leg in the shower (after checking my what the heck?!) and one on Lyla. I may walk to an herbal store down the street.

I am taking today off of going to the gym because I walked Lyla quite a bit this morning and because I know I will want to go tomorrow when it's raining. The rest of today may be spent window-shopping the Loft Outlet in Kittery of going to a brewery in Portsmouth. I'm not sure though...I can't believe it's only 2pm...

Stay tuned...