What a Day

Yesterday. It all feels so surreal. It started out with errands and the stress of taxes/returns/shopping. But then it all changed.  At 3:30pm Jeanne picked me up to go on a walking tour of UVM. It was hot out but actually not too unbearable. We made sure to lather up in sunscreen. I wore a new dress that I actually bought that day at Old Navy and LOVE. It's so soft and flowy and perfect for days when you just feel a little bit like a stranger in your own skin. That's what happens when my days are filled with celebrations, no running, and I have been traveling and not sleeping well. 

Anyways, the walking tour. It was great to take a trip down memory lane and to also see the new buildings that are going up. Walking along central campus brought back many memories of my freshman year going to calculus and economics with Julie. 

What I loved was being active on a hot day (walking is so underrated), seeing the nooks and crannies of a school I love, and talking to Jeanne. We caught up on interviews, school, life, etc. But we also got talking about some deeper things like body image and advanced directives. I love it. Never a dull moment with us. We just keep talking. 

At about 5:30 Jeanne asked if I wanted to get some food before our wine plans. Um yes I do. I wanted Pingala and Jeanne was happy to oblige. You can order online and it's amazing! We got there and it was sunny but raining and we sat facing the river. So perfect!! We split the ELT (eggplant instead of bacon) and the falafel to which we added peanut sauce. My friend made a cilantro peanut sauce the other day and I cannot get enough. Must recreate it! 

Then we jetted off to a new wine bar which I am obsessed with. They do FREE tastings every Thursday at Dedalus. It's all brick and wide open and just absolutely gorgeous. We did the pet-nat tasting which is a lighter bubbly. So interesting and delicious! Jeanne and I ask so many questions. It was so educational! 

Afterwards we sat in the gorgeous dining room for a glass of vino. Jeanne had more bubbly and I went with a red. The chianti was superb! 

We had to drink our wine a bit fast because we were meeting Jordan for a drink at Zero Gravity. This would be the last time I see him before I move and I couldn't miss that opportunity. It certainly won't be the last time I see him. I walk into ZG and I'm looking around and Jeanne yells over to me that he likes to sit on the other side. So we walk over and...


And of course I cried. Probably ugly cried but I couldn't control it. I saw everyone who was there and lost it. For one, I've never had a surprise party before and two, everyone was there. 

Family friends, work friends, school friends, friends who I met through other friends. Friends. 

And right when I stopped crying my parents showed up. And so I cried again. Friends and family. 

We hung out and chatted. My different groups of friends mingled as one and I loved seeing that. My parents got to meet everyone who means so much to me. It was unbelievable. 

Even to this moment it doesn't feel real. I see the balloons in my living room and then I know it did happen. I'm so overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude to everyone who has made Burlington my home. I made dinner plans for every night this coming week too. There's not enough time before I leave. But when you're leaving home there never will be enough time. I'll just have to come back.