Graduation Weekend Part 1

So as you saw in yesterday's post my parents actually arrived in Vermont on Thursday night. I had been expecting them on Friday all along. So this meant that Friday we could spend the day together. Therefore, instead of waking up and heading to the gym to bike for two hours I could be active with my parents. I ended up waking up around 6:30am because I just have not been able to sleep lately. Then I watched my tv shows while doing laundry. It was raining out and I was a bit tired so it worked out well. My parents came over around 11am and we packed up some of my stuff into their car so that we don't have to do it on Sunday. It's amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in a few years...the number of wine glasses that I have is unreal.

Around 12:30pm we went to one of my favorite bakeries, Great Harvest. I got the curried chicken salad salad (basically a scoop of curried chicken salad over greens) knowing that I wanted a slice of bread. I got a HUGE slice of maple pecan swirl. It was so large I split it with my dad. Obviously lathered that baby up with some butter. My mom got the maple cinnamon chip bread. Anything with a swirl I've got to have.

After lunch I brought mom and dad into Dedalus, which is right next door. We just looked around. I love the space and knew my family would too! Look at the description of this cheese haha!

"This pudgy little stinker..." could easily describe Lyla now that I know I fed her nearly DOUBLE what she normally eats. If only I had specialized in dog nutrition...

The best part of the afternoon was biking. We rented some bikes and I took them all the way to the causeway. Mom and I had matching teal bikes! Dad rocked an orange one. We had a blast. We went at a leisurely pace but it sure got tiring after biking for a few hours. We even passed Molly's mom and boyfriend on the bike path. Us dietetics majors stay active! We covered about 16 miles on our bikes and by the end our butts were so sore! It was great though. Much more enjoyable than a stationary bike. It was perfect weather too! I didn't even break a sweat with the breeze.

Dad took a power nap while mom and I swung by Old Navy to return a dress. I picked up some heels for today and I am so pumped about them. They look like a pair that I wanted that was $100 but these were only $35! woohoo!

We had a cocktail at home (Switchback for dad and wine for mom and me) before walking to the Truck Stop. The sun had come out and it was a gorgeous night to walk. Also, the truck stop wasn't that crowded, another win for us! We settled on Bluebird BBQ and all got pulled pork sandwiches on amazing buns. We also shared a thing of mac and cheese because I thought it looked amazing. I treated to some beers and love the new outside beer garden!

What a day! I've had the most amazing few days and today I graduate! Picture Monica on friends running through the house yelling "I'm getting married today" but then picture me yelling "I'm graduating today". That's how I have pictured this day.