Thoughts on my Marathon

I'm switching it up a bit here today because I haven't been taking pictures of my food. I basically am eating anything I have on hand these days since I'm moving...aka lots of oatmeal and peanut butter... My marathon is in FIVE days. What?!? Cue freak out. So I thought it'd be fun to go through my thoughts around this.

1. I'm excited. I get to force my sister to talk to me for about FOUR hours. I'm going to people watch and take in all of the Burlington scenery: since I won't be wearing headphones I may even take pictures!

2. I'm nervous. Not going to lie. My legs make me nervous. Training was going SO well and I was enjoying my runs, both long and intense. But now when I get out there (which isn't often) I feel stiff and tired. Not to mention the fear of the pain coming back. I hate not finishing what I start. But this is it, will I be able to push through the pain? This past weekend I ran 8.8 miles and my right knee was fine but my right hip sore and my left knee started to hurt! Whattttt. I've been doing my stretches on both legs. This week I'm going to foam roll and stretch...I can't use the gym because I've graduated so that's fun...

3. My injury came at the perfect time. The day I got hurt I was driving to Boston for a semi-interview. I was down and back in two days. The next week I went to Portland and back in two days. Then school got very busy with finals and projects. Then I was in Boston for another interview. Then Portsmouth to dog sit. Then Boston again. And graduation. Job + graduation + school + life = exhausting. I needed all the time I could get. I can't imagine my stress level if I had to plan runs around all of that. 

4. I'm excited to do other forms of exercise again. I didn't realize until I got hurt that I missed cross training and yoga and moving my body in less intense and vigorous ways. I also don't like feeling like I have to do a workout, and prefer to workout when I want to and how I want to. Since being injured it's been hard not running and feeling like I should be running. Or that I should be doing something instead of _______. 

5. Im sad. This race seems like my goodbye to Burlington. Another reason why I really want to cross that finish line (jogging). I move three days after the race. Every day up until my move I have plans with friends and will spend the rest of the time packing. I love Vermont and I'm so sad to leave the places and the people whom I love. But I'm also excited for the next chapter of my life, whatever that may be, and know that I will be back!!