Preparing for marathon day...

How do you prepare? Freak out? Yup. The twin drives up tomorrow morning (although I wish she would drive up tonight) and from then on it will be a full, fun weekend!

Saturday we have to hit up the expo and plan to go with my friends who are also running. After that we will probably do a quick shake out (aka 1-2 miles) and then hang out. Maybe get a creamee since I have yet to have one! Obviously for dinner we will be eating pasta (I don't have white so maybe I should buy some) and garlic bread. The Shaws garlic bread is so good. And refined. Aka quick fuel for my body!

Then it's MARATHON DAY! The race starts at the early hour of I will likely be up around 5:30am to eat something. Likely peanut butter and jelly toast. No fruit for me today. I may have a small amount of coffee too...but the nerves might be a little too intense for that.

What have I been eating?

  • oatmeal with almond and cashew butter (this stuff is almost gone and I will cry)

  • yogurt and peanut butter with cereal (because it's the summer and it's all about yogurt bowls and overnight oats). Or just yogurt and cereal for a snack.

  • avocado egg toast with everything bagel seasoning

  • polenta with beans and sautéed mushrooms

  • lots of peanut butter
  • beer and wine (that counts as carbohydrate loading right?!)

What am I wearing?

  • Capris. I thought about shorts because the weather keeps getting warmer, but the potential chaffing since I haven't trained in shorts is all too real.
  • Tank top. Likely my blue Athleta one since I have trained in it frequently and it doesn't move around a lot and isn't overly tight or loose.
  • Thick running socks. My feet are sensitive.
  • Body glide. Yes, it will go everywhere. My toes especially ^^^^
  • My blue Nikes. I bought these when I signed up for the race and I had some of my best runs in them. They still have some salt stains from my winter runs and that brings a smile to my face.
  • Headband. I recently cut my hair and running or exercising with hair in my face is an absolute NO.
  • Sunscreen. I'm happy the sun will be out, but know that my skin is very sensitive and I need to protect it.
  • My motivation wrap ("just breathe"). Julie gave me this for Christmas and it has gotten me through some tough times. I haven't worn it for a race but this time I will.

What am I bringing?

  • Spibelt. Gotta carry my supplies somehow.
  • Fruit snacks. I trained with these for all of my longer runs and although they aren't as concentrated in glucose as I would like, they are easy to carry and consume. I had a difficult time with the half marathon but that's because I was running 7:xx miles. I'll probably have to bring quite a few bags...
  • Chapstick. Cannot.Live.Without. If I forget chapstick...oh man.
  • My number, duh. 2024! How great of a number?! Growing up my lucky numbers (in my personal opinion were 2 and 4).
  • Debit card and ID. You never know what you may need. And there is beer at the end of the race. Sign.Me.Up.
  • The twin. She's my coach, my cheerleader, and my inspiration. She's also going to be the one to carry me across the finish line. Just kidding, I'm being positive Jules I swear.
  • My confidence. I trained for a solid 10 weeks without fail. The most miles I missed each week of my plan was 3. Then I got hurt and while I did take a lot of time to rest (which was much appreciated because of interviews and graduating), I did my best to find alternative ways to exercise. Sometimes I would bike at the gym for two hours. Sometimes I would use the elliptical (not for two hours...that would be torture). It's not the same as running but those solid ten weeks have prepared me. And I made it to 19 miles. I didn't hit 20, but Sunday I am going to hit 26.2. I'll be crossing that finish line, you can count on it.

"She believed she could, so she did." - another motivational quote that Julie gave me in the form of jewelry. Not sure who said it, but it rings so true.