Post Marathon

Sorry I've been MIA! It's been a whirlwind few days. After the marathon I watched a lot of Netflix. I got Julie hooked on Reign (CW shows get me...I miss One Tree Hill). Consequently I got re hooked and am watching from season one again. But that's the beauty of running a marathon, you don't want to do anything for a while.  After lots of movies and Netflix and after Julie went home, I finally ventured out of the house. My friends, Steven and Alex had Colleen and I over for dinner at their new condo. I am obsessed with their condo. I asked Steven if he could decorate my apartments/houses in the future. I mean look at this gorgeous light fixture.

We chatted and sipped some wine while nibbling on some bread and oil. Such hosts these two are!

We had so much to catch up on and I'm so glad I had the chance before leaving! Hoping I convinced them to come visit this summer since they've all never been to Plymouth. 

Dinner was fantastic. A pesto stuffed crusted chicken that definitely replenished my protein stores post marathon, pasta salad, and Olive Garden salad (I love that salad). It was so tasty. 

Even the cat thought so! This is Gronk (love the name).

After dinner Alex read my tarot cards and basically I learned that I'm strong willed and going on a journey. For my career I should try something a little different and not let my past get in the way of my confidence. Aka go confidently, Megan. The cards also told me that my love life is if I didn't know that haha. So fun! Alex did a great job.

The next day I spent running some errands. Since it was my last day I was very emotional and found myself crying on the way to the dump. Don't judge me. In the afternoon Christine picked me up to go get a creamee with Colleen. My first and last creamee of the summer...I'll try not to call soft serve a creamee in Massachusetts. No guarantees.

Christine and I then just hung out and talked for a few hours. It rained on our plans to walk to the whales tails but that's okay. 

At 4pm we went to Rebecca's to walk down her street to a tavern for wine. It was a painful walk 😂 

We chatted over a bottle of red and laughed and reminisced. It was so bittersweet. I was holding the tears back. I basically sobbed saying goodbye even though I will see them both next weekend when they come up to Maine. 

Wednesday was moving day. What was supposed to go smoothly ended up with my dad's car needing a new part for the trailer lights to work and then the battery dying. It's comical now but I didn't dare laugh then. We packed up relatively quickly and got in the car right as a huge thunderstorm rolled in. I cried on the whole way home but listened to some good podcasts. 

We got home close to 8pm and I realized all of my clothes were so far wedged in the trailer that I wouldn't be changing. Luckily the twin keeps some clothes at home (I don't...). 

Thursday I unpacked with my dad and organized. I'm sleeping in my sisters room because she has a big bed. I also put the tv in there for when I need some space or want to watch Reign. Yes yes that is all the time these days. 

My clothes are in my room because I donated all of my clothes and shoes so there was space. And I get to have dad's desk in the basement for studying! I also dusted and cleaned the bathrooms because I was procrastinating beginning studying...

Mom and I went to yoga that night and then she helped me study a little. Still trying to find the best way to write these flash cards...

Mom bought THREE kinds of Ben and Jerry's and it's like she knew I needed some Vermont in my life. She happened to get my favorite kind, The Tonight Dough. The coconut caramel core is also super delicious. 

I feel much better now that I'm settled and not all packed up all the time. I also feel better now that I can study. BUT I have nowhere to walk to like I did in Burlington and I am lacking in the friend department here. It's a bit lonely but hopefully I'm super busy that I don't even notice. 

That's it for now guys!! Any tips on hobbies are appreciated. I'm thinking of trying to do more yoga and barre this summer and see how I feel with that. My legs are still sore from the marathon. #neveragain