First Run Since 26.2

A week ago I ran my first marathon. I hate (not really) to say that it may also be my last, but the pain I still feel is not worth it in my opinion. I couldn't walk for three days. My movements resembled those of a duck. Days 4-6 were okay as long as I wasn't doing anything strenuous but I was. I had to about squatting and lifting with the legs.  Around day 6 I felt the itch to move so I joined the gym near my home planning to take some classes over the summer. Today I got to the gym early before a yoga class and decided to try running two miles. That's it. Two miles. Well I should have gone with one mile. The first mile my right quad was sore from a moving injury, which happened as I was squatting to carry my mattress down a flight of stairs. The second mile ended up being excruciating. It was mainly pain in the outside of my knee, the same spot and type of pain that signified the beginning of my right IT band troubles. This was what really bothered me in the marathon as well (that and my left hip and major blisters...okay so everything hurt).

I stopped running just shy of two miles and couldn't bend my knee. I limped to the foam roller and rolled away. Even though it was a softer roller it still hurt a lot. Then I went to my yoga class, which felt amazing but didn't cure me. 

Fast forward about 7 hours and my hips have begun to hurt. It feels like it did in the race, like my muscles are pulling away from my hip bones. Could be that I sat for the past four hours studying for my exam. Could be the run. Could be anything. I certainly am no expert.

Therefore, my goal for the month of June is easy movement. I want to go to yoga twice a week with the same teacher as today (yes, she was that good) and some Barre classes. I may even get back into lifting weights, going easy on the legs until it feels like a good burn. I know I'll enjoy running again in the future, but maybe my body isn't set up for the marathon. But we shall see! Never say never. I do have to get back to running for Beach to Beacon!! I'm running with Colleen and cannot wait. I love running with people.

In the mean time I'm also making it a goal to drink 1500 ml of water each day (2 water bottles essentially) and to keep focusing on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. Providing my body with the nutrients that it needs to heal and stay strong should definitely help and it's something that I feel I can control. It's also been fun to be back in the kitchen with my mom. I have to enjoy that while it lasts.