Recent Good Eats

You guys. I just got to Maine and I feel oh so relaxed. Despite the crazy day I had. It all started at 7am when I realized my Microsoft Word account had been deactivated after graduation... cue tears. 7am was not my finest hour. Then I rushed through some studying...and worrying about how I will possibly remember everything for the RD exam. Before I knew it I was showered, packed, fueled and ready to hit the road. When I got to Maine my dad had a package of turkey sausage, a few grapes, feta cheese, and orange juice in the fridge. He had one banana, a box of rice and some pretzels on the cupboard... Since I'm saving the salad stuff and cocktail supplies for the girls this weekend I suggested we get pizza. We live in a very small town with an Inn and a general store but the store knows pizza and ice cream. They do it well. Dad suggested we get two pizzas and the girls and I can enjoy leftovers this weekend. Well boy do we have leftovers. These babies were huge! I got the mushroom because I love mushrooms. Dad went with sausage. 

Some other good eats:

A salad I made for lunch before traveling complete with leftovers: greens + grilled carrots + grilled peppers + grilled chicken + black beans + rice + salsa and guacamole as dressing. I think I hit all the major food groups! This was so good!

The tacos we had the night before has grilled chicken, mango, peppers, mango salsa and guacamole!

Here's another salad that was simpler with rice and legumes and hummus as dressing. 

While studying I've been finding myself snacking more han usual and just plain hungrier. It could be stress or boredom or my body just knows it needs a little extra fuel! I'm listening to my body and giving it what it wants. Food! I've been craving salads more lately because the vegetables are starting to be in season!! Oh how I miss my CSA!