A Weekend to Remember

A perfect weekend if you ask me, even though we had to study. Thursday I drove up to camp and met my dad for the night. We ordered two (very) large pizzas so my friends and I could have leftovers. 


I studied in the morning and turned the heat on because it was freezing. My studying was very poor because I was so excited for my friends to get here.

Christine and Rebecca arrived a little after one and we chatted for a while to catch up before *trying* to study. Once it hit 5pm it was time for happy hour. Red wine for the win. 

That night we made the best dinner. We didn't have a blender but our cilantro peanut sauce still tasted great and it was served with deconstructed spring rolls. We watched a few episodes of Orange is the New Black before calling it a night. 


The most perfect weather! We started studying on the porch after making French toast for breakfast. It was super tasty. When the sun hit the deck we moved outside to study and it felt so good!

In total we studied 8:30-4:30 before going for a walk around the neighborhood. Then we showered to get ready to go to town. I wanted to take Christine and Rebecca to the Inn because it's my favorite place. I also think the new ownership has done great things! We also love happy hour and apps. It was National Rose Day so we celebrated. For food we got the lobster dip...oh my gosh so good...

After picking up some wine, toilet paper, and water (the necessities in life) at he town store we headed home to cook some vegetables and drink sangria. Boy was that strong. 

We played with Bitmoji a bit and watched Parks and Rec. Another great day in the books.


We said we would get up and hike...but moving early in the morning is not our thing. We opted for this instead:

Then we started studying again. Practice tests for me all day since I was burnt out from the day before. It was also over 90 degrees...so hot. Christine and I kayaked around 11:30 and it was so nice. Then we dipped into the lake for a hot second to cool off. It was refreshing but freezing. I love a good challenge, thanks Dad! 

For lunch we had classic summer food of sandwiches (turkey, cheese and avocado for me) and chips. And then more studying happened. 

Around 4:30 we drove to town to get ice cream where I had my first job, but it was closed. I was so disappointed. We opted for two cartons of Giffords instead and had dessert before dinner. Winning. The s'more flavor is amazing. 

Dinner that night was similar to the deconstructed spring rolls but with a more salad like feel. Still amazing and served with some red wine. We plopped ourselves on the couch to paint our nails and watch more Parks and Rec while trying to cool down. It was hard. 

Today some of us are leaving. I had planned to but may not since I'm not feeling well. Also I don't have anything pulling me back to Massachusetts. Maine, it's the way life should be, after all.