Two years and lots of hard work paid off...

It's been one month since this happened:  And 23 days ago I ran a marathon.

Then I moved back home and spent about a week in Maine, some of those days with two of my dearest friends.

Since being home I've realized just how much I miss my home. Vermont. I miss my favorite places, walking downtown, running along the bike path, good beer, and all my favorite restaurants. It's hard being in a place that I am so familiar with but feel so distant to. Therefore I am so looking forward to moving to Boston. I can't wait to find new favorite places, try all of the amazing food, run along the water, join some workout groups to meet people, and be close enough to visit my parents and Julie! It's exciting!!

Yes, it may be a long summer, but it's full of new beginnings. A new job. A future new home. New friends. And new credentials...

MS, RDN has a nice ring to it. 

Now to complete the process by becoming licensed in Massachusetts.