I love a good sandwich just as anyone else. Especially when it's made on fluffy, soft bread. Turkey or chicken salad are my favorites, but peanut butter and jelly never disappoints. The whole day wasn't just about sandwiches though. The purpose of today was spending time with family. I drove to the cape early in the morning and hit no traffic!! Point to point it only took me 35 minutes and I had some jams to pump me up for the race. 

We got to the start, which definitely was where I had my senior pictures taken; Town Neck Beach in Sandwich. We got some awesome t-shirts with entry, but no numbers. I loved that timing was done cross-country-race style with popsicle sticks. It made the race more relaxed and just a fun way to spend the morning. 

I ran with my cousin and we chatted the whole way. I love running as a reason to see friends and family and get a chance to talk. I also love exploring new places by running. And Sandwich is such a cute town. The race was put on by volunteers and they really made the race! 

Have you ever seen anyone happier?!

About two miles in my right hip started hurting. Typical IT band issues these days. But I finished and that's the farthest I've ran in a month!! 

I love this picture! Nobody around on a foggy morning run!

The rain picked up once the race ended and I mean poured buckets. We braved it, though, to enjoy Sandwich fest and I hope to come back in future years!! Yes, it's that much fun.

To escape the rain we found the tent with the food vendors and signed up for the 11am tasting. This included 11 samples after which we would vote for our favorite! The samples were huge and I only finished my favorites, but definitely tried them all. I can't wait to hear who won! There was definitely something for everyone. 

After stuffing ourselves we explored the booths and had some fun getting free things. I found the cutest tote bag and clutch but alas I'm trying to save some money these days...I will remember it though. 

It was a perfect morning in my opinion even though it poured and was a bit chilly. I'm now hot and tired and just being lazy with the pup. Can't complain too much. What a week. Relaxing before real life starts on Monday, although I can't wait.