Summer Food Lately

I started my new job today! Woohoo!!! So excited. But I really want to share some recent delicious eats with you. It's been good lately. Kale massaged with goddess dressing and all the veggies on top. Black beans for protein. Avocado English muffin on the side because I was starving. Listen to your body, it knows what it needs.

I've eaten ¾ of a watermelon in 3 days. Must eat the rest before it goes bad!

Plain yogurt mixed with a scoop of peanut butter for more staying power. Topped with maple sunrise cereal (by Natures Path) and all the blueberries. Cannot wait for blueberry season. 

Salmon grilled with a chive and fill yogurt sauce, grilled veggies and quinoa. I would eat salmon everyday...

Smoothie for the commute. I was a little too nervous to drink it on the train for fear of spilling it on my new blazer. Tomorrow I'm wearing white so the nerves will accompany me again. But why drink it on the train when I can save it for this view?

Every night will end with a homemade fudgesicle from now on. Too good!!! Basically melted dark chocolate mixed with plain Greek yogurt and milk.