Brewfest 2k17

My favorite weekend of the year was this past weekend. Brewfest in Burlington, Vermont. Every year it's my favorite. Food trucks/tents, local beer and friends! What more could you want.

Friday I got lunch with a friend at Farmhouse. We could have gone anywhere and I wouldn't have cared. It wasn't about the food but more about catching up. She taught me so much and helped me immensely in my job search so I have a lot to be thankful for.

The next 24 hours was spent relaxing with my best girl, Christine. We did a little Brewfest shopping before meeting up with Rebecca for a picnic at the beach. We brought some drinks and Vietnamese food to the waterfront. It was so nice and we proceeded to talk for HOURS. The rain didn't even stop us, we just moved the party to Rebecca's house. I was exhausted but Christine insisted she was training me for Brewfest. 10:30 was way past my bedtime and I slept like a baby.

Saturday started with a quick 2.75 mile run with Christine. I'm all about moving my body in ways that feel good these days. My goal now that I'm a working girl is to have balance. Eat well when I can, cook when I can, exercise when I can and in ways that feel good. Why add extra stress when I don't have to? Anyways it was a gorgeous day. The temperature was perfect. After we made egg sandwiches and looked up FNCE stuff. Girls trip to increase our nutrition knowledge?! Count me in. Just hanging was perfect.

Then I headed to Maia and Joe's house for a BBQ. We just hung out, ate some food and caught up. And then it was Brewfest time.

We were going to hit up my favorite downtown brewery before but it was PACKED. Probably with everyone leaving the session before us. So we were just at the front of the line to get in. I didn't care!! I usually go to Brewfest with a plan of attack, but not this year.

I remember the first beer and maybe a few others. Maia and I drank the first three pretty quick. And got a temporary tattoo for good measure. But after that I was running around chatting with friends and catching up. It was a whirlwind but made me so happy to see everyone. I miss my Vermont niche a lot, but being in the city is also very exciting. I'll always go back to Vermont so I can't be too sad. Saturday night ended with creamees and late night pizza from Mr. Mikes. I can't complain. Then Maia and I snuggled Cadbury.

Sunday morning I did get a bit teary eyed driving home. It's just been a big change. But a good change. I got home and my extended family was at my house. It felt so good to have other people in the house with me. Fell asleep with a smile on my face after that weekend.