Food: Neither Good Nor Bad

There are many messages out there that make people believe certain foods are "off limits" or "bad." Furthermore, people often think dietitians only eat vegetables. Or that we are the food police. That's not the case. We make suggestions compatible with lifestyle and preferences. We advocate for all food fitting into a healthy diet.

Yes I love vegetables and appreciate all that they provide my body in terms of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. That doesn't mean I don't love other foods. Last weekend I had pizza twice. I have an extra large oreo Milka bar in my freezer. Cheese and crackers are a perfect combination and are always in my house. And the saltiness of chips gets me every time.

Yes I enjoy these foods. Not everyday and not in excess. They are still allowed in my house and in my diet, though. Because once you make a food off limits it has power over you. It takes over your thoughts. It becomes all you want and all you think about.

This morning I woke up and made French toast. It's Sunday and I value a slow morning with a delicious breakfast that (typically) includes maple syrup. I used to fear sweet breakfasts. At that time in my life I only allowed myself sweets one day a week and consequently on that day I would eat as many sweets as I could get my hands on, I had no control. The same would happen if I had maple syrup in the morning, I would crave and eat sweets all day long.

Ever since making peace with my love for sweets and allowing them when I want them I find I have more control. I know it's not the only time I can have some chocolate or maple syrup so I don't need to eat it in excess.

Life is short. Enjoy the foods you love and liberalize your diet to allow these foods. Because all foods can fit in a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

If you find yourself struggling with food please find a dietitian to speak with one on one.